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2018 SAR Children’s Fitness Fund Applications Open!

Jul 3, 2018

8Know of a local youth fitness program that could use some funding?! We are now accepting proposals for the 2017 SAR Children's Fitness Fund until August 4th, 2018. Head here to learn more and head here to apply!  Each SAR race contributes approximately 10% of their profits to finance the Children’s Fitness Fund!


Thanks to volunteers for TMC Meet Me Downtown

Jun 18, 2018

The first goal of a running race is to ensure safety, the second goal is to ensure accuracy of distance and accuracy of results, and the third goal is to try to have fun.  It takes a lot of folks to succeed at those goals -- to that end, we want to thank the folks who helped us have a great TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run!  We're sure we missed some folks -- let us know who we missed at

Planning: Linda Whelan

Photos: Kerry Whelan and Damion Alexander and video from Diane Manzini

20 water station volunteers from Educational Enrichment Foundation at 17th Street and Sevent
20 water station volunteers from Greater Tucson Leadership at Five Points 
5 finish line water station volunteersfrom BEYOND/WatershedManagement

10 Tucson Tri-Girls at the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown Tent 

10 SAR volunteers for the FitKidz Mile, including Diane, Amy, Cary, Amy, Ashley, Steve, Tia, and more

Registration and staging area help:

Steve and Sheryl Felde
Cindy Schnell
Marti and Stephane Ackermann
Steve Sheldon
LInda Pitney
Guy Mcarther
Joe Faulk
Bob and LIa Erbe
Heather HOpkins
Dave Dixon
Austin Grover
Natalie Uy
Connie Lopez
Shirley Hester
Sheryl and Pete Ruggles
Ashley Shepherd
Greg Dischlek
Alicia Mujica
Denis Zinisky
Denis Brown
Peg Davis
Merry Dearmon
Steve Moore
Don Taylor
LInda Whelan
Michelle Hawk
Delaney Schnell
Itzel Rojas
Itzel Marques
Linda Scheu
Glenn Davis
Maureen Cunningham
Erik Sanders
Steve Outridge
Doreen Davis
Diane Manzini
Amye Chaparro
Janet Holland
Sharon Bart and the gang from The Running Shop!


Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown Update, June 12

Jun 12, 2018

Below is the June 12 email to the 918 registrants of the Triple Crown. Remember, you can still register online here and do the TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run virtually!  

Thank you for being one of the 918 folks who have signed up for the 2018 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown. As we wrote a couple of weeks ago, you've broken the GZTC world record by more than 120 people!

1) If you're one of the 700 or so who picked up your medal and shirt at the GZTC tents on race night, you're good to go until September! All you have to do is get in some easy summer miles, and then ramp up for the TMC Tucson 10k and 5k on September 16th.

2) If you did NOT get a chance to snag your shirt or medal at the GZTC tents, then you can pick up your shirt and medal at The Running Shop (3055 North Campbell Avenue).

SHIRT NOTE: A few of the red "Run Tucson GZTC" shirts are still at the Running Shop in various sizes. New "Run Tucson" shirts have been ordered and printed, and are being delivered to The Running Shop on June 14th.
As always, we cannot promise the perfect size but please come see what they have. If you want to swap out a shirt you already received, please come down and try one on.

MEDALLION NOTE: About 30 medals were just delivered to The Running Shop, so you can swing by there. Please note that we will probably run out within a week or so.
New TMC Meet Me Downtown GZTC medallions have to be custom-made in China and will take a couple of months to get made and delivered. We ordered 800 originally, so our plan is to order another round of 150 or so.
We hope to have them available earlier, but they will certainly be ready for pick-up at the TMC Tucson 10k on September 16th.

3) Those of you who participated virtually and live outside of the Tucson region, we will be mailing your Triple Crown shirts and medals in the coming week.  We've got them mostly packed and ready to go, but we need to double-check a few final items and get 'em to the post office.

4) Those of you who participated virtually and live near Tucson (Green Valley, Oro Valley, etc), please visit the Running Shop to pick up your items. 

5) Please be nice to the staff at the Running Shop -- any mistakes are mine, so send me a note at and we'll get it taken care of.

Thank you,
Randy and Tia and the gang 


TMC Meet Me Downtown Festival of Miles and 5k Night Run Results now posted

Jun 2, 2018

All the race results for the weekend races are here - check out the photo finish video from the race, courtesy of Damion Alexander.  All age group gift certificates will be at The Running Shop (3055 North Campbell) through the month of June.  All RRCA State and West Regional Medallions will be at The Running Shop through June.

 If you have any questions about the results, please contact the race director or the timer.  You can see preliminary resuts at Roadrunner Race Timing.



RRCA West Regional One Mile Champs: Awards and Prize Money

Special RRCA Championship Medallions to the first place Men’s and Women’s finishers in Open, Master’s (Over 40), Grand Masters (Over 50), and Super Grand Masters (Over 60).  

Open Male and Female Prize Money
1st  $200
2nd $100
3rd $50

$408.90 Race Director Challenge Bonus

408 dollars and 90 cents bonus to the fastest man who breaks the race director’s personal best of 4:08.9.  Yup, Randy ran that back in the 1900’s.
408 dollars and 90 cents bonus to the fastest woman who breaks the equivalent time of 4:48.9 (see the Mercier Score Calculator for comparison details)

Master's Prize Money (40-and-over) Male and Female (no minimum time set for the master's money)
1st $75
2nd $50
3rd $25 

NOTE: Prize Money double-dipping is allowed, thus it is possible for the fastest woman and fastest man to earn $808 apiece.  
Prize money winners are taken out of age group gift certificate awards.

USATF Course Sanction #: AZ16012JOE

RRCA 5k Arizona State Champs: Awards and Prize Money

The RRCA will provide special RRCA Championship Medallions to the first place Men’s and Women’s finishers in Open, Master’s (Over 40), Grand Masters (Over 50), and Super Grand Masters (Over 60).

Age Group Awards: All first, second, and third place in 5-year divisions from U-15 through 80+ will receive age group awards from the Running Shop: $25 for 1st, $15 for 2nd, and $10 for third. All prize money winners are taken out of age group gift certificate awards. Please pick up your gift certificate at The Running Shop by the end of June, 2018.

Male and Female Open Prize Money 
1st $300
2nd $200
3rd $150
4th $75
5th $50
NOTE: Prize Money double-dipping is allowed (for example, a runner may receive both overall and masters money and team money)
NOTE: all teams must be formally registered as a team by midnight May 25th.  There is NO race weekend team registration and no in-person team registration.

Course Record Bonus
$200 bonus to the man who breaks the current men’s course record of 14:25, set by Jordan Chipengama (2014)
$200 bonus to the woman who breaks the current women’s record of 17:23, set by Maggie Callahan (2013)

Master's Prize Money (40-and-over) Male and Female (no minimum time set for the master's money)
1st $100
2nd $50
3rd $25 

Master's Bonus
$100 to the 40-and-over man who breaks Shaun Haley’s master’s record of 15:57 (2011)
$100 to the 40-and-over woman who breaks Paula Morrison’s master’s record of 18:16 (2014)

5k Team Prize Money

$300 to the fastest team of 5 men (using standard cross country style scoring)
$300 to the fastest team of 5 women (using standard cross country style scoring)
NOTE: Prize Money double-dipping is allowed, thus it is possible for the fastest woman and fastest man to earn almost $1,000 apiece if they set all records and are part of the fastest teams.  Team registration information can be found on and at ;


NOTE: following USATF and RRCA guidelines, the use of headphones in prize money races is prohibited -- that is, prize money will not be distributed to runners wearing headphones in these events.  We strongly discourage the use of headphones in all TMC Meet Me Downtown Weekend events.  From USATF: "The following shall be considered assistance and therefore not allowed: . . . The visible possession or use by athletes of video, audio, or communications devices in the competition area [ . . .] those competing in Championships for awards, medals, or prize money may not use such devices . . . headphones remain banned for any athlete competing in a USA Championship . . ."
NOTE: All prize money winners will be required to complete appropriate tax information in order to receive checks.
NOTE: A limited number of complimentary entries for elite athletes are available.  Send resume and ways you can add value to the race to race director Randy Accetta at by May 20th, 2018.

We follow the RRCA Fair Competition Policies.
While USA Track & Field is the governing body and issuer of rules for the sport of running, local event directors are encouraged to adopt these RRCA recommended policies to further support and promote fair competition for athletes, especially those competing for prize money and age group awards.
Prize Money Eligibility Policy
To be eligible for elite entry or prize purse at Meet Me Downtown, an athlete must:

Not be currently serving a suspension issued by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) or the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for use of a banned substance
Not have ever served a ban issued by USADA or WADA for the use of performance enhancing drugs
Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who have had 2 or more athletes receiving such suspensions in the previous 4 years
Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who served a ban for use of performance enhancing drugs during their own athletic career*
Provide proper documentation proving they are eligible for prize money (form W-9, W-8ECI or W-8BEN)
Sign a statement attesting they are in compliance with USADA and WADA anti-doping regulations related to banned substance use and if issued a doping suspension or ban in the future, they will not be allowed back at the event for any reason
Consent to random drug testing according to the standards and procedures of USATF, USADA and WADA

Any athlete that believes they have been barred from the event or the opportunity to earn prize money at the event because of mistaken identity due to near or exact name of a person currently suspended, banned or previously banned, must submit documentation certified by a notary in advance to the race director or elite athlete coordinator of the event proving that they are not the same person identified as serving a suspension, ban or previous ban. (event organizers will need to clearly outline the exact person to submit documentation to for this recourse section of the policy)

*Athletes have a duty to ensure they are represented by reputable coaches and agents and have a duty to consult the WADA list of athletes that are or have served a doping ban before signing with a coach or agent.

The Southern Arizona Roadrunners is a member-driven non-profit devoted to promoting health and wellness through running and walking. If you are not a SAR member, please consider joining—you can save all sorts of money off race entry fees, receive discounts to many local merchants, and be part of a great community of people. See for details.

About the Race Directors: The TMC Meet Me Downtown was founded by Randy and Tia Accetta 11 years ago to promote Downtown Tucson by providing fitness and social opportunties for all ages and abilities. The TMC Meet Me Downtown event is on the SAR calendar, with the Saturday Night 5k on the SAR "Running Shop Grand Prix."  A former 2:19 marathoner who ran in the 1996 US Olympic Trials Marathon, Randy is a Mentor in Residence at the University of Arizona's McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship and is the national Director of Coaching Education for the Road Runners Club of America.  Tia is a 2:48 marathoner with an MA in Education with an emphasis on teaching the deaf and hard of hearing.  They live near the UA with their two small children, both of whom are faster than Randy.


Race Day!  In-Person Registration + Packet Pickup & everything else starts at 200 South Sixth Avenue

Jun 2, 2018

The last chance to register for the June 2nd TMC Night Run is in person at the race site Saturday night from 4:00-6:30 or so.  Please look for the SAR tents near the Children's Museum at 200 South Sixth Avenue.

Click here for the June 2nd email with all the details for the TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run.  

Saturday, June 2nd

4:00 Begin packet pickup and registration

4:00 - 7:00 Children's Museum is open for to all children accompanied by a parent, with activities in the grass area in front of the Children's Museum
YES: all children need to be accompanied by an adult.
NO: you cannot enter alone to use their restrooms; WasteManagement portojohns are on the north wall of the Children's Museum.
4:00 - starting at 4:00 and onward vendor and beneficiary expo, with ongoing activities

Cox Charities Jumping Castle near the Children's Museum
6th Annual Running Race Food Truck Roundup with some awesome food to purchase
Magic Mr. B the Magician will be roaming the race site
Stiltwalking friends from Cirque Roots. 
Vendor tables and expo booths with Tucson Medical Center, TopGolf, SunWest Credit Union, Radiology Ltd, ConnectCoworking, ProActive Physical Therapy, The Running Shop, Southern Arizona Roadrunners, EEf, GTL, Presidio de Tucson, Watershed Management, and BEYOND-Tucson.

5:50 Beneficiary Check Announcement: thanks to you and our sponsors TMC and Cox Communications, we are able to provide funding to the Children's Museum, Educational Enrichment Foundation, Greater Tucson Leadership, BEYOND-Tucson Foundation, Watershed Management, Presidio de Tucson, and the Southern Arizona Roadrunners.
6:00 Beer Garden Opens - Beer Garden Rules: every 21+ runner receives one free AmstelXlight. Additional beers Amstel Xlight or Dos Equis Lager are $5 apiece.  Please bring cash or credit card.  For insurance and legal reasons, we reserve the right to refuse service to any runner.  You must be 21-or-over to enter the fenced Beer Garden.  Please bring ID in case we have to check your age.
Shrimp Chaperone at the Wanslee Triangle at Five Points, rockin' the runners on the course.
6:00 Open Men's and Women's Mile, for all ages and abilities - race or jog with tutus - either way, come out and have fun.
6:15 Battle of the Badges, for police, fire departments, border patrol, sheriff department and other civil service members  -- please be on hand to support our local first-responders
6:30 Free FitKidz Mile for all children 12-and-under, includes free FitKidz shirt. All children must register and sign waiver following standard SAR FitKidz rules and protocols.
6:30 or so -Tucson-roots rockers Santa Pachita takes the stage
7:00 National Anthem by Gregory School high school student NAME
7:05 TMC 5k Night Run starts: please line up following the flagging that indicates your minutes/mile time.  If you want to win, please start at the front.  If you cannot win, please start farther back, using the minutes-per-mile markers as a guide
Strollers: Strollers and wheelchairs are allowed in the race.  For safety's sake, allow plenty of room and be safe and courteous of others.
8:30 (approx):  Begin awards and raffles - thanks to The Running Shop for age-group awards, the RRCA for the RRCA Championship medals, and Hotel Congress for the team-gift cards
8:30 and onwards: Hotel Congress After-Party - once your race winds down, head on over to Hotel Congress for food and  drink discounts, music, and more


May 31 FAQ of Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown

May 31, 2018

We've been getting all sorts of questions about the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown, so we've put together this FAQ.  Please read this and then email Randy at if you still have questions.

Q: When can I get my medal and "Run Tucson" shirt?
A: Our "Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown" tents will be open starting at 4:30 on Saturday night, June 2nd.  Thanks to volunteers from The Workout Group and Tucson Tri-Girls for helping!

Q: What is the Virtual Triple Crown?

A: If you cannot be in town during any of these races, you can be in the Virtual Crown and still get all your great race schwag!  You can do one, two, or all of the races Virtually and still receive all the great Triple Crown stuff.

Q: I did not sign up for the Virtual Crown, but I have to miss the race on Saturday.  How can I get my shirts and race medal?
A:  All Triple Crown registrants who do not make it to the TMC Night Run can pick up their shirts and medals at The Running Shop, starting on Thursday, June 5th.

Q: How do I prove that I did one of the races virtually?
A: Simply post photo proof of doing the same or similar race distance at the SAR instagram page and the Run Tucson instagram page and/or the SAR Facebook event page and the Run Tucson FB page.  Tag @RunSAR and @RunTucson.  

Q: What if I don't use social media?
A: Simply email or bring a photo you running to The Running Shop when you get your items.

Q: I've heard that you're going to run out of shirts and medals on race night.  What will happen then?
A: Yes, registration for the 2018 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown has exceeded expectations -- more than 850 have already registered, the most we've ever had -- at $10 per registant, this means that we've raised over $8,500 for the BEYOND-Tucson Foundation.  However, this means that we will probably run out of shirts and medals on race night.  We know that many registrants will miss the race, so we hope to have enough on hand for all the race day participants, but those of you doing the race virtually may have to wait a bit.

We've already ordered more "Run Tucson"shirts and they will be delivered to the Running Shop in mid-June.  We'll order more TMC Meet Me Downtown Triple Crown medals but we have to special order the customized medallions from far away, which means that those of you who register after May 26th may have to pick up your medal later in June or July.  We'll supply more information as soon as we know a manufacturing and shipping schedule.  Thanks for helping us blow away expectations -- and thanks for your patience as we manage the new manufacturing and shipping!

Q: Do I have to run or can I walk?
A: You can do whatever you want: run or walk and you can hike, race or stroll, the goal is simply to be outside and be moving!

Q: What if I want to do the Virtual Triple Crown inside on a treadmill?
A: You got us there - you can be inside and on a treadmill -- or even in a pool -- as long as you get moving for the 3.1 miles!
Q: What do registrants receive?
A: Race registration to the three events, including all of the race shirts and other goodies, PLUS:

  • The 2018 "Run Tucson" Triple Crown shirt
  • Three separate medallions for each of the three races
  • Saturday night, June 2: TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run/Walk, Tucson's largest running event.  You can run or walk Tucson's most popular 3.1 mile event or even do the One Mile.
  • Sunday morning, September 16: TMC Tucson 10k and 5k.  You can run the 10k or you can walk or run the 5k.
  • Sunday morning, October 28: TMC Get Moving Tucson Half-Marathon Events. You can walk or run the Tucson Lifestyle 5k or you can run or walk the TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon.  
  • Recognition on the SAR Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown results page
  • The happiness of knowing that a portion of your entry fees will go to the BEYOND Foundation, plus each of the other race beneficiaries: The Children's Museum, Educational Enrichment Foundation, Greater Tucson Leadership, Team Hoyt Arizona (formerly MyTeamTriumph), Watershed Management, Presidio San Agustin de Tucson, Cox Charities, Southern Arizona Roadrunners, and others.

Q: In years past, Triple Crown participants have received sandstone candles, Ben's Bells, and medallion sets. What are the awards this year?
A: We've designed three stand-alone medallions, each with a different theme drawing on Tucson's traditions.

The TMC Meet Me Downtown medal is inspired by Downtown Tucson, with the inscription indicating that you are part of the Triple Crown.
The TMC Tucson 10k honors Arizona's copper tradition and the Tucson Mountains.
The medallion for the Halloween weekend TMC Get Moving Tucson events recognizes the folk art tradition embodied in the Dia de los Muertas celebrations.

Q: For those of us new to Tucson or from out of town, can you tell us who Gabe Zimmerman is?
A: The 3-race series is named for Gabe Zimmerman. A Tucson native, Gabe lost his life in the January 2011 shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords here in Tucson.  Others murdered include Christina Taylor Green, Dorothy  "Dot" Morris, Judge John Roll, Phyllis Scheck, and Dorwin Stoddard.  Gabe was murdered doing what he was best at: supporting his community, trying to make it a better place for everyone, regardless of their politics or their backgrounds.  
From the Gabe Zimmerman Davison Canyon Trailhead to the Gabe Zimmerman Meeting Room at the U.S. Capital, Gabe's presence will forever be a part of our community.  We are grateful to Ross Zimmerman and Julia Strange at Tucson Medical Center for developing the concept of the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown - and we're thankful to the Arizona Daily Star and Caliente for helping implement it. Gabe's whole family has been devoted to fitness, running, and the Arizona outdoors - thus, we are honored to be able to celebrate the spirit of Gabe and highlight the possibilities for Tucson through the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown.

Our goal is to celebrate Gabe and motivate the community to aspire to individual and collective greatness - to work alone and work with others towards those goals we find valuable.  To celebrate living, community, and good will.  To live with love, to live with passion, to chase dreams. As we all know, running shows us the power within ourselves. If we can go three miles in a hot summer night or slog our way up and down the hills of the Tucson mountains, the ups and downs of daily life are certainly manageable and we can rise to our other challenges. 
Special thanks to the thanks to the 3,500+ registrations that have been part of the Triple Crown these past few years!!
Q: Who are the sponsors?
A: Tucson Medical Center provides the sponsorship and support for the series. We are grateful to Julia Strange and the whole TMC community for working with us to develop the series.  And teal is the color of TMC so we're honoring them!
The Arizona Daily Star has been a long-time supporter of the Triple Crown, with an emphasis on their Caliente section.
Special thanks to the local running specialty store, The Running Shop, for hosting the Virtual Triple Crown goodie-bag pickup.

Q: Getting back to the Virtual Triple Crown, if I do a race virtually, how will I get my medals and shirts?
A: For those who live outside the general Tucson area, we will mail your race materials after the TMC Meet Me Downtown and again after the TMC Get Moving event.   For those in town, we will bring the race goodies to The Running Shop at 3055 North Campbell in central Tucson and have them there for you to pick up until December 2, 2018.
Q: If I signed up for the regular Triple Crown but now want to do any of the races virtually, what should I do?
A: You can go into your own RunSignUp registration portal and modify your registration - or you can email us at and we'll modify it for you.
Q: What happens if you cancel any of the races - will we get our money back?
A: All races take place rain or shine, but in the event of an emergency cancellation determined by the City of Tucson, Pima County, or some other governmental entity, we will fall back on the Virtual Triple Crown - and everyone will then be able to receive their specific race awards following the rules of the Virtual Triple Crown. Of course, we will communicate regularly in this event.
Q: I signed up but now do not want to do it. Can I have my money back?
A: We have purchased medallions and shirts and guaranteed charity amounts based on your registration, so, no, there are no refunds or transfers. However, you are always welcome to shift your entry to the Virtual category.
Q: Is there a discount for members of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners or others? 
A: The pricing is already at about a 40% discount, so there is no discount for SAR or the other many worthy organizations.

Q: What is the charity involved?
A: In 2018, the Triple Crown will donate $10 from each entry to the BEYOND Foundation for an expected 2018 donation of mor than $8,500. Additional Tucson-based organizations also receive a portion of the proceeds from the individual events.  All total, over $75,000 has been donated due to the Triple Crown.
The BEYOND Foundation offers a unique Rx health formula emphasizing four key pillars that supports optimum physical and mental health:
EXPLORE:  Getting outdoors and spending time in nature;
MOVE:  Engaging in regular physical activity;
NOURISH:  Eating healthy foods; and
CONNECT:  Connecting with one another as a community. 

Q: What is the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown?  
A: GZTC is a three-race series that includes running and walking events in three unique Tucson locations. The goal is to honor Gabe Zimmerman by promoting year-round fitness, enabling people to train for an event as short as a mile and as long as a 13.1 mile half-marathon.  

Q: Umm, you always write really long emails -- why do you write so much?
A: I want you to have as much information as possible so that you can have a fun race experience! If I have forgotten anything, please let me know at

Q: Who produces these races?
A: Run Tucson produces these, in partnership with our long-time friends at the Southern Arizona Roadrunners.  Run Tucson is a full-service running organization that produces running races with SAR, co-produces the Meet Me at Maynards and Meet Me Wednesdays, and offers in-person and online coaching for those in Tucson and beyond.  Owned by Randy and Tia Accetta, the Run Tucson team includes Linda Whelan, and running coaches Tim Bentley, Gina Nelson, Doreen Davis, Linnlee Sweeney, and Dave Odom.  See for more information.


May 30: Unofficial List of TMC Meet Me Downtown Participants, L-Z

May 30, 2018

May 30: Unofficial List of TMC Meet Me Downtown Participants, L-Z


Thomas La Rochelle M 58 5k GZTC
Amanda La Rochelle F 32 5k GZTC
Steve M La Veau Sr M 57 5k GZTC Thin Blue Line Fitness 
Erica Laber F 33 5k WildCats 2019
Whitney LaCombe F 31 5k GZTC
Leda Lacson F 40 5k GZTC
Alastair Laing M 47 5k GZTC
Daniel Laird M 58 5k GZTC
Matthew Lamanteer M 30 5k
Heather Lamb F 50 5k GZTC
Danielle Lancaster F 38 Battle of the Badges PCSD
Danielle Lancaster F 38 FitKidz
Hociel Landa M 19 Open Mile, Men
Kai Landeros F 38 5k GZTC
Caitlin Lane F 29 5k GZTC
Samuel Langebartels M 3 FitKidz
Ashley Langer F 38 5k GZTC
Catherine Langham F 50 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
Emerson Langham M 16 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
Chris Langham M 50 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
Eva Lankes F 27 5k Let'sSweat
Christine Lanza F 38 5k GZTC
Erik Larsen M 29 5k GZTC
Wendy Last Fave F 48 5k
First Name Last Name Gender Event Race Group
Susan Latin F 51 5k
Daniel Latt M 49 5k GZTC
Aaron Lattimore M 45 5k GZTC Southwest Endurance 
Sarah Latzke F 34 5k
Donna Laube F 51 5k
Josiah Lauderdale M 7 FitKidz
Isaac Lauderdale M 4 FitKidz
Jacob Lauderdale M 40 5k GZTC
Jennifer Lawrence F 55 5k GZTC Better Than Ever (BTE)
Mary Lawrence F 62 5k GZTC DestinationU
Hue Le F 36 5k GZTC Leach F 33 5k Run Like a Mother (or Father)
Gloria Lebario F 61 5k
Gloria Lebario F 61 5k GZTC
Nancy Ledesma F 44 5k
Pat Ledin F 59 5k GZTC
Tim Lee M 55 5k
Kyungsook Lee F 60 5k GZTC
Angela Leed F 40 5k DestinationU
Holly Leffler F 41 5k GZTC
Adam Lehman M 53 5k
Marianne Leis F 49 5k
Buck Lentzer M 66 5k Workout Group
Daisy Leon F 27 5k TEP
Carlos Leon M 28 5k TEP
Marilyn Leon F 20 5k
Lucas Leonard M 10 FitKidz
Caleb Leonard M 12 5k
Daniel Leonard M 44 5k
Holly Leonard F 43 5k
Holly Leonard F 43 FitKidz
Brian LeRoy M 41 5k GZTC
Briana Levengood F 13 5k GZTC
Gail Leveque F 60 5k Tucson Strength
Adam Levine M 31 5k
Alaina Levine F 43 5k
Branden Lewis M 45 5k DestinationU
Gabriel Leyva M 25 5k
Ari Lieberman M 44 5k
Chrissy Lieberman F 45 5k GZTC
Newton Lim M 40 5k
Sarah Lim F 35 5k GZTC
Lucy Limas F 28 5k
David Limas M 28 5k
Kendra Linaman F 31 5k
Kevin Lincoln M 40 5k
Alicia Lindholm F 35 5k GZTC
Jennifer Lindstrom F 47 5k GZTC Tucson Runners Project
Glen Lindstrom M 48 5k
Shelley Lipowich F 79 5k GZTC Better Than Ever
Joseph Llanes M 34 5k GZTC
Rachel Lohrman F 35 5k GZTC
Erin Long F 32 5k
Artemisa Longoria F 38 5k
Katie Loper F 25 5k
Chris Loper M 28 5k
Ricardo Lopez M 35 5k TEP
Traci Lopez F 51 5k
Dante Lopez M 7 FitKidz
Damian Lopez M 4 FitKidz
Lorraine Lopez F 54 5k
Steve Lopez M 30 5k
David Lopez M 60 5k GZTC
Judy Lopez F 45 5k GZTC
Jeff Loturco M 37 5k Hudbay
Wendy Lotze F 45 5k GZTC
Jason Love M 39 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Jason Love M 39 5k GZTC
Alissa Love F 34 5k GZTC
Rene Love F 55 5k GZTC
Chiara Lovio F 38 5k GZTC
Melody Low F 39 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Melody Low M 13 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Marla Lowell F 67 5k
Rene Lozano M 38 5k GZTC
Billie Lubis F 25 5k UA Physics
Billie Lubis F 25 5k GZTC UA Physics
Stephanie Lucas F 31 5k Kool Arrows
Loretta Luja F 58 5k GZTC Ratcatchers
Ivan Luna M 26 5k
Victoria Luna F 38 5k GZTC
Chadwick Luquette M 50 5k GZTC Goldsboro
Jacquelyn Lyle F 38 5k
Gina Macaluso F 56 5k GZTC
Mariah Mackie F 23 5k
Stacy MacLaren F 50 5k
Patrick Madden M 26 5k
Leo Madero M 28 5k Accounting for Mileage
John Madrid M 53 5k
Ruben Madrid M 46 5k
Anissa Madrid F 13 5k
Ben Madrid M 38 5k
Tammy Maestas F 43 5k
Cathy Magana F 51 5k
Lara Majeski F 49 5k
Stacy Manalastas F 35 5k
Audrey Mandel F 3 FitKidz
Danny Mandel M 39 5k
Margaret Elizabeth Manden F 63 5k GZTC
Srinivas Manne M 55 5k UA Physics
Dominik Manzanedo M 13 5k
Isaiah Manzanedo M 11 5k
Lillian Manzanedo F 30 5k
Ali Marchetti F 40 5k GZTC Tucson Runners Project
Amanda Marchioni F 38 5k Fleet Feet
Ashley Marin F 35 5k GZTC
Theodore Marin M 34 5k GZTC
Mercedes Marinelarena F 37 5k SSA Walkers
Danika Markley F 17 5k
Dale Marquart M 59 5k
Theresa Marquart F 50 5k
Lawrence Marquez M 38 5k SSA Walkers
Graciela Marquez F 7 5k SSA Walkers
Heiselle Marquez F 34 5k GZTC
Bob Marshall M 62 5k AURA Employees Association
Mandy Martell F 38 5k Blister Sisters
Steve Martin M 24 5k GZTC High Speed Low Drag
Anna Martin F 28 5k GZTC Workout Group
Michael Martin M 39 5k
Erin Martin F 30 5k
Sylvia Martin F 36 5k GZTC
Rachel Martin F 34 5k GZTC
Brian Martin M 32 5k GZTC
Sophia Martinez F 22 5k Inspired Fitness
Arturo Martinez M 31 5k GZTC Tucson
Patricia Martinez F 41 5k
Kaylee Martinez F 11 FitKidz
Nancy Martinez F 30 5k
Veronica Martinez F 45 5k
Veronica Martinez F 45 5k GZTC
Laura Martinez F 49 5k GZTC
Camila Martins-Bekat F 37 5k TEP
Mark Mason M 46 5k GZTC
Amber Mathewson F 52 5k GZTC
Natalya Mathieu F 35 Open Mile, Women
Sandhya Matthias F 35 5k GZTC
Diana Maxwell F 49 5k
Bob Maxwell M 59 5k
Hal Maynard M 51 5k GZTC
Nick Mazur M 35 5k GZTC
Ruth McBride F 53 5k GZTC
Ben McCormick M 43 5k
Ben McCormick M 43 5k GZTC
Christina McCormick F 27 5k GZTC
Robert McCright M 55 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Elissa McDavid F 23 5k GZTC
Michael McDonald M 68 5k GZTC Skeletoncrew
Eva McDonough F 51 5k GZTC
James McDougall M 58 5k GZTC
Kelli McElroy F 53 Open Mile, Women
Natalie McEntaffer F 36 5k GZTC
Eric McEntaffer M 38 5k GZTC
Robert Mcfadyen M 36 5k
John McFee M 74 5k
Teresa McFee F 74 5k
John McGonegal M 35 5k GZTC
Gabe McGowan M 28 5k
Myla McGuire F 58 5k GZTC DestinationU
Roxanne McHugh F 44 5k GZTC
Sarah McInally F 40 5k GZTC
Sarah McIntosh F 27 5k GZTC Skeleton Crew
Aubree McKay F 26 5k GZTC
Kathy McLeod F 61 5k Tucson Strength
Katie McMurrich F 42 5k GZTC
Katie McNulty F 10 5k
Katie McNulty F 10 FitKidz
David McWilliams M 53 5k GZTC
Lukas McWilliams M 12 5k GZTC
Laura Mead F 32 5k GZTC
Benjamin Mead M 33 5k GZTC
Christopher Mecum M 56 5k
Kenneth Mecum M 28 5k
Jaylene Medina F 16 5k
Lena Melnick F 29 5k Cirque Roots
Juanita Mendoza F 45 5k 5 Chiks & a Dude
Narciso Mendoza M 47 5k TEP
Maria Mendoza F 38 5k
Vinay Menon M 42 5k
Meghan Mensack F 39 5k GZTC
Laurie Merenick F 35 5k GZTC
Chaski Merritt M 25 5k GZTC
Kristen Metzger F 46 5k AURA Employees Association
Billie Meuschke F 45 5k GZTC
Michelle Meyer F 42 5k Accounting for Mileage
Naomi Meza F 39 5k TEP
Rafael Meza M 48 5k GZTC
Annika Meza F 34 5k GZTC
Luis Meza M 40 5k GZTC
Christy Miceli F 40 5k Hudbay
Matthew Miceli M 13 5k Hudbay
Kurt Michels M 34 5k
Marty Michelson M 71 5k GZTC
Lisa Mihora F 44 5k
Shane Mikovich F 21 5k
Nancy Milburn F 73 5k
Krista Millay F 39 5k Run Like a Mother (or Father)
Jillian Miller F 39 5k Blister Sisters
Max Miller M 28 5k LTTC
Mark Miller M 34 5k GZTC Run4God
Adelyn Miller F 9 FitKidz
AJ Miller M 7 FitKidz
Lucas Miller M 28 5k
Jamie Miller M 24 5k GZTC
Patricia Miller F 40 5k GZTC
Andrew Miller M 39 5k GZTC
Elizabeth Miller F 27 5k GZTC
Krishna Millhoff F 40 5k Team RWB
Daniel Millstone M 27 5k
Ramona Minjarez F 36 5k GZTC
Maritza Mira F 43 Battle of the Badges PCSD
Elizabeth Miranda F 45 5k TEP
Jillian Mixner F 31 5k
Joy Mockbee F 48 5k GZTC El Rio
Arunesh Mohan M 45 5k TEP
Ben Molina M 40 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Alex Molina M 11 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Angela Molina F 37 5k
Connor Molina M 13 5k GZTC
Stephanie Moller F 24 Battle of the Badges
Drew Moller M 28 Battle of the Badges
Steve Montague M 40 5k For doughnuts
Kristie Montague F 36 5k For doughnuts
Jose Monterrosa M 34 5k
Annette Monterrosa F 42 5k
Cynthia Montoya F 33 5k GZTC Tucson Strength
Benjamin Moore M 41 5k The Moore Family
Luella Moore F 40 5k The Moore Family
Elijah Moore M 15 5k The Moore Family
Carli Moore F 13 5k The Moore Family
Sammy Moore M 10 5k The Moore Family
H Brian Moore M 49 5k
Cristina Moore F 48 5k GZTC
Angie Morales F 28 5k Blister Sisters
Hilda Morales F 37 5k Kool Arrows
Ricardo Morales M 32 5k
Eileen Moran F 65 5k
Ted Morcomb M 66 5k Desert Monkeys
Teri Morcomb F 63 5k Desert Monkeys
Maggie Moreno F 35 5k GZTC DestinationU
Debbie Moreno F 56 5k La Familia
Margaret (Peggy) Moreno F 49 5k GZTC
Marcia Moreno F 28 5k GZTC
Rene Moreno F 38 5k GZTC
Marcia Moreno F 28 5k GZTC
Susan Mores F 54 5k TEP
Katherine Morgan F 23 5k For doughnuts
Taylor Morgan M 28 5k
Devin Morris M 38 5k GZTC
Jane Morrison F 52 5k
Jeannine Mortimer F 51 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Nancy Morton F 64 5k
Russell Mott M 64 5k GZTC
Michael Moynihan M 64 5k GZTC
Debbie Moynihan F 61 5k GZTC
Jean Mucha F 66 5k GZTC
Katie Mucha F 25 5k GZTC
Matthew Mugmon M 36 5k Run Like a Mother (or Father)
Ajla Mujezinovic F 22 5k GZTC
HARRY MULENGA M 24 Open Mile, Men
Roger Mull M 51 5k It's A Dry Heat
Kelly Mull F 23 5k It's A Dry Heat
Kevin Mull M 23 5k It's A Dry Heat
Dana Mull F 54 5k It's A Dry Heat

James Mulvihill M 24 5k GZTC
Melissa Mund F 44 5k GZTC
Brian Mund M 44 5k GZTC
Michelle Munger F 44 5k GZTC Team Munger
Clark Munger M 75 5k GZTC
Cindy S Munger F 61 5k GZTC
Matt Munger M 45 5k GZTC
Jessica Munger F 37 5k GZTC
Carmina Munguia F 50 5k DestinationU
Ashley Munro F 32 5k GZTC
Alfredo Muratalla M 26 5k
Kerry Murphy F 41 5k GZTC
Dusty Murphy F 41 5k GZTC
Benham Murphy M 42 5k GZTC
Marianne Murray F 60 5k
John Murray M 66 5k
Thomas Murray M 42 5k GZTC
Carissa Murrieta F 31 5k GZTC
Caitlin Murrray F 23 5k
Julia Muys F 36 5k
Avinash Narava M 29 5k TEP
Paula Nasiatka F 59 5k
Ellie Nasiatka F 16 5k
Ryan Nastase M 30 5k GZTC
Abigail Nastase F 30 5k GZTC
Amelia Natoli F 44 5k Tucson Strength
Eric Natter M 34 5k GZTC
Noah Navarrette M 31 5k
Issaac Navarrette M 8 FitKidz
Lelly Navarrette F 7 FitKidz
Lucas Navarrette M 2 FitKidz
Tre Navarrette F 32 Open Mile, Women
Adela Navarrette F 31 5k
Desiree Navarro F 32 5k
Danielle Navarro F 39 5k GZTC
Edward Navarro M 36 5k GZTC
Joshua Navarro-Neeper M 26 5k
Leonardo NavaUrbea M 5 FitKidz
Matt Neely M 54 5k
Emma Nelms F 10 FitKidz
Debra Nelson F 41 5k
Justin Nelson M 38 5k
Debra Nelson F 41 5k GZTC
Justin Nelson M 38 5k GZTC
Carrie Nelson F 28 5k GZTC
Cherell Nelson F 41 5k GZTC
Robert Nesting M 29 5k GZTC
Peter Nestler M 52 5k GZTC
Cornelia Nestler F 50 5k GZTC
Dylan Newberg M 30 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Harrelsen Nez M 30 5k GZTC
Vanessa Nez F 31 5k GZTC
Kira Niccum-Pritzl F 33 5k
Mia Nielsen F 13 5k
Alma Nielsen F 47 5k
Anna Nielsen F 11 5k
Jesper Nielsen M 47 5k
Sara Nielsen F 11 5k
Kelly Nieto F 47 5k GZTC
Humberto Nieto M 48 5k GZTC
Sophia Nieto F 11 5k GZTC
Sydney Nieto F 11 5k GZTC
Sebastian Nieto M 9 5k GZTC
Jeff nitschke M 41 5k GZTC
Sarah Noelle F 34 5k GZTC
Allen Nolden M 40 5k
Christi Nonn F 40 5k GZTC
Jan Nordmeyer F 65 5k GZTC
Tonya Norris F 53 5k Workout Group
Robert Norwood M 56 5k GZTC
Emily Nottingham F 66 5k GZTC
Rose Novack F 72 5k GZTC
Natashia Novak F 30 5k GZTC
Walter Novak M 32 5k GZTC
Ian Nowak M 26 5k GZTC
Sam O'Dowd M 11 5k
Emma Oblian F 12 5k
Andrea Oblian F 33 5k GZTC
Kimberlee Ocain F 28 5k
Midge Ochart F 71 5k
Ruben Ochoa M 42 5k Kool Arrows
Angel Ochoa M 30 5k Workout Group
Hugo Ochoa-Sanz M 35 5k Inspired Fitness
Lynn Oelke F 36 5k
Anthony Offret M 63 FitKidz
Christine Offret F 65 FitKidz
Ashley Olson F 31 5k GZTC
Megan Olson F 37 5k GZTC
aaryn olsson M 42 5k
Angelina Olvera F 33 5k GZTC
Jeannette Ornelas F 40 5k GZTC
Luis Ortiz M 42 5k
Liliana Ortiz F 29 5k
Anne Ortiz F 39 5k
Alba Ortiz F 42 5k GZTC
Venessa Ortiz F 40 5k GZTC
Abigail Osborne F 26 5k GZTC
Diana Osborne F 63 5k GZTC
John Osborne M 65 5k GZTC
Jim Osman M 70 5k
Angel Otarola M 54 5k AURA Employees Association
Kimberly Otero F 61 5k GZTC
Michael OToole M 58 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Liz Padilla F 38 5k GZTC
celesse pain F 34 5k TucsonMedicalCenter
Sarah Painter F 31 5k GZTC
Vinay Palivela M 35 5k TEP
Ruben Palmtree M 34 5k Cirque Roots
Jorge Palos-Chavez M 28 5k UA Physics
Cassandra Palsma F 29 5k GZTC
Steve Pangburn M 35 5k GZTC
Erin Paradis F 33 5k GZTC Oro Valley
Brian Paradis M 33 5k GZTC
Grace Paramo F 40 5k
Susana Paramo F 22 Open Mile, Women
Matthew Pardini M 36 5k
Lewis Parkhill M 73 5k Southern Arizona Roadrunners
Elena Parra F 31 5k TEP
Missy Paschke-Wood F 37 5k GZTC Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Jeremiah Paschke-Wood M 42 5k GZTC Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Skye Paulus F 13 5k
Sharon Peachey F 58 5k
Stephanie Pearmain F 45 5k GZTC
Lance Pedersen M 23 Open Mile, Men
Tim Pedersen M 56 5k
Stacy Peercy F 32 5k GZTC
Dan Pelot M 69 5k GZTC
Jana Pence F 28 5k
Janice Pence F 47 5k
Travis Pennington M 48 5k GZTC MaryAnne Pennington
MaryAnne Pennington F 48 5k GZTC
Stevie Penrod M 34 5k Bion CrossFit
Melissa Pentecost F 24 5k
Kristy Peoble F 30 5k GZTC
Jesus Perez M 35 5k GZTC
Ana Perez-Arrieta F 39 Open Mile, Women
Karen Peron F 64 5k
Vesna Perovic F 40 5k
Ava Perryman F 4 FitKidz
Amari Perryman M 4 FitKidz
John Perryman M 32 5k GZTC
Larissa Peru F 26 5k GZTC
Adriana Peters F 39 5k
John Peters M 33 5k
Stephanie Petersen F 44 5k
Isaac Petersen M 11 5k
Jeff Petersen M 45 5k
Anika Petersen F 10 5k
Tricia Petersen F 48 5k GZTC
Cindy Petersen F 56 5k GZTC
Mickey Petersen M 50 5k GZTC
Linda Petersen-Vargas F 61 5k GZTC Better Than Ever
Richard Petronella M 64 5k
Patricia Pflugh F 26 5k
john pham M 49 5k
lisa pham F 60 5k
Stephanie Phillips F 40 5k
Kirsten Phillips F 37 5k
Kirsten Phillips F 37 FitKidz
Zachary Phillips M 7 FitKidz
Evangeline Phillips F 8 FitKidz
Jonathan Phillips M 39 Open Mile, Men
Danica Phipps F 34 5k Busted Biscuit Beer Brigade
Jane Pizzolato F 39 5k GZTC
Janet Place F 79 5k
Daphne Place-Hoskie F 45 5k
Danny Plattner M 52 5k
Sabrina Plattner F 49 5k
Alexander Plunkett M 28 5k UA Physics
Megan Politi F 33 5k GZTC WRC
Mike Polletta M 49 5k Ratcatchers
Michael Ponce M 39 5k Kool Arrows
Nicole Porqueras F 47 5k GZTC
Angelina Portela F 24 5k GZTC Angelina Michelle Portela
Andres Portela M 24 5k GZTC Angelina Michelle Portela
Shannon Porter F 27 5k
Shannon Porter F 27 Open Mile, Women
Tony Poulton M 62 5k Ratcatchers
Courtney Powell F 34 5k GZTC
Jon Powers M 36 5k GZTC
Lisa Powers F 41 5k GZTC
M Prante F 60 5k
Kevin Prebish M 30 5k GZTC
Bill Prenzno M 54 5k GZTC
Aida Prenzno F 47 5k GZTC
Kelly Prevenas F 34 5k GZTC
Nick Prevenas M 36 5k GZTC
John Price M 65 5k Ratcatchers
Susan Price F 60 5k Ratcatchers
Leondra Price F 68 5k GZTC
Chelsea Price F 26 5k
Bonnie Pritchett F 52 5k Team Turtles
Aaron Puerta M 28 5k GZTC
Janet Quackenbush F 57 5k GZTC
Derek Quezada M 36 5k GZTC
Valerie Quijada F 40 5k Kool Arrows
Janet Quillman F 58 5k
Daniela Quinanes F 23 5k GZTC
Regina Quinlan F 50 5k GZTC
Cherie Quiroz F 49 5k
Bridget Radcliff F 40 5k GZTC
Richard Radinsky M 44 5k GZTC
Stacia Ramiller F 40 5k
Stacia Ramiller F 40 5k GZTC
Deborah@ Ramirez F 61 5k GZTC Crossfit Tucson
Laurie Ramirez F 57 5k
Grecia Ramirez F 29 5k
Billy Ramon M 45 5k
Shannon Randall F 38 5k GZTC
Kevin Randolph M 41 5k GZTC
Mickey Raper M 50 5k
Jill Ray F 48 5k GZTC
Brian Reasoner M 47 5k Southern Arizona Roadrunners
Charlotte Reasoner F 5 5k Southern Arizona Roadrunners
Lauren Reasoner F 33 5k GZTC Tucson Runners Project
Kara Redlin-Vatthauer F 53 5k Tucson Tri Girls
Shea Redmond M 33 5k GZTC
Taylor Reed F 61 5k GZTC
Daniel Reese M 7 FitKidz
Azenet Reeves F 54 5k GZTC
Andrew Reidy M 44 Battle of the Badges PCSD
Koen Reidy M 8 Battle of the Badges PCSD
Kyan Reidy M 7 Battle of the Badges PCSD
Kristin Reidy F 41 Battle of the Badges PCSD
Joseph Reiling M 57 5k
Philip Reilly M 61 5k
Robin Reineke F 36 5k
Harper Rentmeester F 4 FitKidz
Gary Restaino M 50 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Julie Reuter F 44 5k GZTC
Joseph S. Reyes M 36 5k GZTC
Ron Reyna M 45 5k
Belinda Reyna F 47 5k
Rachel Reyna F 16 5k
Jacob Reyna M 14 5k
Ariana Reyna F 33 5k GZTC
Terri Reynolds F 52 5k destination u
Adam Reynolds M 35 5k GZTC
Robert Rezetko M 50 Open Mile, Men
Robert Rezetko M 50 5k
STEPHANIE RHINEHART F 53 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Craig Rhinehart M 52 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Courtney Rhoades F 41 5k GZTC
Elizabeth Ribbeck F 43 5k GZTC TRP
Leo Richard M 66 5k
William Richards M 34 5k
Nicola Richmond F 44 5k GZTC
Cecilia Rico F 50 5k
Janet Rico Uhrig F 40 5k GZTC TUSD
Luressa Rinas F 32 5k GZTC
Evelyn Rios F 31 5k
Sue Rist F 59 5k GZTC
Erica Rivas F 25 5k
Corrina Rivera F 49 5k
Andres  Rivera M 49 5k
Mya Robertson F 28 5k
Alicia Robertson F 34 5k GZTC
marianne robertson F 58 5k GZTC
Paul Robilia M 81 5k
Paul Robillia 81 5k GZTC
Pete Robles M 56 5k
Amanda Rodriguez F 40 5k GZTC TMCTripleCrown
Sergio Rodriguez M 43 5k GZTC TMCTripleCrown
Viridiana Rodriguez F 35 5k
Erika Rodriguez F 33 5k
Daniel Rodriguez M 41 5k
Roberto Rodriguez M 34 5k GZTC
Sarah Rodriguez F 31 5k GZTC
Kristen Rodriguez F 46 5k GZTC
Michael Rodriguez M 42 5k GZTC
Raul Rodriguez M 32 5k GZTC
Timothy Roesler M 51 5k
Joanie Rogucki F 64 5k GZTC Tucson Tri Girls
James Rohret M 36 5k GZTC TRP
Zack Rohret M 8 FitKidz
Alison Rohret F 5 FitKidz
Stephanie Roll F 38 5k Southwest Endurance Training
don romano M 75 5k
Eloisa Romero F 32 5k
Yvonne Romero F 43 5k GZTC
Neil Rosen M 65 5k GZTC
Leah Rosenfeld F 29 5k
Leah Rosenfeld F 29 Open Mile, Women
Margaret Ross F 46 5k
Michelle Ross F 41 5k GZTC
Aurora Roth F 34 5k GZTC Radiology Ltd
Carolyn Rousch F 32 5k
Chris Royko M 33 5k GZTC
Emily Rubin F 31 5k GZTC
Lonnie Ruffin M 49 5k
Peter Ruggles M 5k
Katharine Ruhl F 39 5k GZTC Run like a mother 
Angel Ruiz M 31 5k
Diane Ruiz F 44 5k GZTC
Lori Rupp F 42 5k GZTC
Syver Rustad M 7 FitKidz
Ken Ryan M 61 5k GZTC
Erik Rye M 24 5k GZTC
Ben Sabala M 45 5k GZTC
rebecca sable F 33 5k Competent to Proceed
rebecca sable F 33 Open Mile, Women
Jane Sage F 65 5k GZTC
Phoebe Salafsky F 6 FitKidz
Isaac Salafsky M 11 FitKidz
Yissel Salafsky F 38 5k GZTC
Alex Salazar M 16 5k DustDevils
Leanor Salazar F 31 5k DustDevils
Vicente Salazar M 7 FitKidz
Emilio Salazar M 3 FitKidz
Lilliane Salazar F 26 5k
Laura Salazar F 21 5k
Lilliane Salazar F 26 5k GZTC
Lauren Salsbury F 26 5k GZTC
Chase Salsbury M 25 5k GZTC
Serena Samaniego F 33 5k GZTC
David Samer M 52 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Jaxon Samorano M 6 FitKidz
Krissy Samorano F 31 5k
Nora Sanchez F 38 5k GZTC
Jill Sande F 61 5k
Jennifer Sanders F 44 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Conrad Sanders M 24 5k TucsonMedicalCenter
Ken Sanders M 46 5k
Christopher Sansone M 40 5k GZTC
Lindsay Santana F 26 5k
William Santos M 24 5k GZTC BigDointKidzz
Heather Savage-Peckham F 47 5k
Nicole Savel F 49 5k Competent to Proceed
Daniel Sawaya M 43 5k Tucson Strength
Scott Sawyer M 35 5k UA Physics
Brandon Sax M 34 5k GZTC
Mateo Sbarra M 10 FitKidz
Margot Sbarra F 7 FitKidz
David Sbarra M 44 Open Mile, Men
Margaret Schaefer F 51 5k
David Schelske M 60 5k GZTC
Edward Schenk M 27 5k UA Physics
Mark Schildt M 44 5k GZTC
Lisa Schlink F 40 5k GZTC
Christopher Schmaltz M 48 5k GZTC
Heather Schmidt F 29 5k 5 Chiks & a Dude
Kristen Schmidt F 43 5k DestinationU
Bea Schmidt F 60 5k GZTC
John Schmitz M 53 5k
Cindy Schnell F 48 5k GZTC Workout Group
Lori Schultz F 46 5k
John Schultz M 44 5k
Soleil Schwabe F 27 5k Let'sSweat
James Schwegel M 68 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Irene Scirica F 28 5k
Mary Scott F 41 Battle of the Badges PCSD
Fred Scott M 65 5k TRI-FIT Tucson
Beth Scott F 66 5k GZTC Tri-Fit Tucson
Braden Scott M 9 FitKidz
Tonya Scott F 37 5k GZTC
Sarah Scroggins F 21 5k GZTC
Lyric Searles F 25 5k
Aaron George Sechrist M 39 5k Competent to Proceed
Heather Sechrist F 38 5k GZTC
Nichole Sellers F 32 5k GZTC Tucson Runners Project
Mulcogi Seng M 70 5k Team RWB
Brenden Senn M 15 5k
Richard Senti M 71 5k
Felicia Sepke F 48 5k 5 Chiks & a Dude
Briana Sepulveda F 28 5k GZTC
Andrea Serrano F 48 5k GZTC
Katie Settlemeyer F 27 5k
Adrianne Shackelford F 35 5k
Dan Shaffer M 51 5k GZTC
James Shamburger M 57 5k Inspired Fitness
Monica Shannon F 41 5k
Jeanne Sharp F 42 5k
Jeanne Sharp F 42 5k GZTC
Phyllis Shaw F 55 5k GZTC
Dan Sheen M 58 5k GZTC
Kimberly Sheen F 55 5k GZTC
Kareem Shehab M 39 5k GZTC
Steve Sheldon M 53 5k GZTC
Cindy Shumate F 51 5k GZTC
Parker Shupe M 14 5k
Rachel Shupe F 37 5k
Judie Shyman F 75 5k GZTC Tucson Runners Project
Molly Sides F 33 5k
Grant Sides M 33 5k
Rick Siego M 37 5k
Emily Siemer F 30 5k GZTC
Ernesto Silva M 33 5k GZTC Radiology LTD Skeleton Crew
Luis Silva M 47 5k
Luis Silva M 47 FitKidz
Andric Silva M 8 FitKidz
Dylan Silva M 4 FitKidz
Lilian Silva F 6 FitKidz
Liz Silva F 35 5k GZTC
Sharon Silvas F 50 5k GZTC TRP
Kim Silver F 44 5k GZTC
Mary Silverwind F 59 5k GZTC
Daniel Simmermon M 41 5k GZTC
Jennifer Simon F 37 Open Mile, Women
Scott Simon M 38 Open Mile, Men
Jase Simon M 7 FitKidz
Liana Sims F 10 5k
Veronica Sims F 48 5k
Malia Sims F 14 5k
James Sims M 49 5k
Jenny Sinclair F 34 5k GZTC
Priti Sinha F 42 5k Running for Reading
Woody Siriyanonh M 27 5k Here for Beers
Trisha Sjoblom F 42 5k GZTC
Penny Skaehill F 54 5k
Elizabeth Slaine F 46 5k TRI-FIT Tucson
Jean Slama F 65 5k DestinationU
Matthew Slanina M 31 5k GZTC
Christina Slater F 57 5k GZTC
Kelly Sloan F 54 5k GZTC
Christopher Smiley M 37 5k WildCats 2019
Leann Smith F 53 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Stephen Smith M 52 5k Bacanora
Joshua Smith M 44 5k Bion CrossFit
Kristine Smith F 30 5k For doughnuts
Mark Smith M 60 5k
Sean Smith M 27 5k
Tara Smith F 27 5k GZTC
Jenn Smith F 48 5k GZTC
Kyle Smith M 35 5k GZTC
Theresa Smith F 34 5k GZTC
Alice Smith F 41 5k GZTC
Lourdes Smth F 54 5k Bacanora
Adrienne Snavely F 41 5k
Audel Snow F 34 5k Cirque Roots
Nichole Snyder F 29 5k GZTC
Joe Sobansky M 29 5k GZTC
Anita Sobey F 40 5k GZTC
Sarah Soffer F 29 5k GZTC
Kim Sommerkamp F 23 5k GZTC
Amy Sorensen F 45 5k GZTC I'm With Melissa
Rosa Soto F 34 5k GZTC
Fatemma Soto-Herrera F 29 5k GZTC
Brenda Sowers F 37 5k
Carolyn Sowers F 53 5k GZTC
Marta Sowinski F 26 5k GZTC Too Hot to Run
Julie Sparkman F 45 5k GZTC
Brenda Sparks F 43 5k GZTC Tri-Fit Tucson
Eileen Spear F 50 5k GZTC
Jen Spears F 40 5k GZTC
Kayley Spears F 11 5k GZTC
Jennifer Spencer F 62 5k
John Spiker M 43 5k
Mamie Spillane F 42 5k Running for Reading
Michelle Spohn F 56 5k GZTC
Joel Stamp M 57 5k GZTC
Arlene Stamp F 52 5k GZTC
Pamela Stanford F 33 5k
Rich Stavish M 43 5k GZTC Tucson
Carrie Stavish F 46 5k GZTC
Jessica Stember F 29 5k SSA Walkers
Amanda Stevens F 34 5k
Doug Stevenson M 67 5k
Brian Stocks M 68 5k
Daniel Stolte M 46 5k
Tim Story M 52 5k The Walking Dead
Pam Story F 52 5k The Walking Dead
mark strand M 52 5k GZTC
John Streicher M 40 5k GZTC
Brooke Streicher F 38 5k GZTC
Gretchen Strohminger F 43 5k GZTC
Dorothy Strosky F 61 5k Hudbay
Roger Strosky M 62 5k Hudbay
Zachary Stubbs M 33 5k GZTC
Megan Studer F 42 5k GZTC
Christy Stuth F 33 5k
Dennis Stydinger M 29 5k GZTC
Igor Suarez Sola M 50 5k GZTC
Igor Suarez Sola M 50 5k
Joe Sullivan M 26 5k
Shannon Summers F 39 5k
Lisa Suos F 33 5k
Lara Svensson F 25 5k
Richard Swanborg M 35 5k GZTC
Brian Swane M 31 5k
Sawyer Swenson M 7 FitKidz
Audrey Sylvia F 7 FitKidz
David Sylvia M 5 FitKidz
Jennifer Sylvia F 37 5k GZTC
Farah Taleb F 23 5k
Julie Tary F 55 5k GZTC
Mimi Taylor F 45 5k
James Taylor M 45 5k
Benjamin Taylor M 36 5k GZTC
Emily Taylor F 38 5k GZTC
David Teeple M 43 5k GZTC
Jenny Teppett F 40 5k GZTC
Lindsay Teunissen F 34 5k
Zach Thomas M 46 5k
Eric Thomas M 26 5k GZTC
Danielle Thomas F 32 5k GZTC
Jason Thomas M 31 5k GZTC
Andy Thomas M 37 5k GZTC
Richard Thompson M 44 5k GZTC
Floyd Thompson III M 42 Open Mile, Men
Floyd Thompson III M 42 5k GZTC
Kathryn Thomson F 31 5k
Nick Thomson M 33 5k
Samantha Thrush F 29 5k GZTC
Denise Timm F 57 5k
Robin Timm-smith F 54 5k GZTC
Rachel Tineo F 47 5k Tucson Strength
Erin Tinker F 30 5k Let'sSweat
Lori Tochihara F 58 5k GZTC
Emily Toney F 41 5k
Susy Torgerson F 66 5k GZTC
Carole Torpey F 74 5k GZTC Better Than Ever (BTE)
Tom Torres M 54 5k
Becky Townsend F 52 5k 5 Chiks & a Dude
Robert Townsend M 49 5k 5 Chiks & a Dude
Aimee Trueblood F 48 5k
Lina Trujillo F 28 5k Southern Arizona Roadrunners
Danielle Trujillo F 33 5k GZTC Tucson
Linh Truong F 35 5k
Stephanie Tuer F 48 5k
Dusty Tyree F 37 5k GZTC
Mariah Tzystuck F 24 5k
Rodney Uhrig M 50 5k
Susan Ulanowicz F 59 5k
Laura Unklesbay F 26 5k Team Monotone
Rick Unklesbay M 64 5k
Lorenzo Urbina M 40 5k
Priscilla Urbina F 45 5k
Jesus Urbina M 50 5k
Romeo Valdez M 9 FitKidz
Evalyn Valdez F 9 FitKidz
Louie Valdez M 2 FitKidz
Mark Valdez M 28 FitKidz
Yaritza Valdez M 27 FitKidz
Ambar Valencia F 21 5k
Ambar Valencia F 21 FitKidz
Josh Valencia M 25 5k
Mayra Valencia F 44 5k GZTC
Yvonne Valenzuela F 55 5k GZTC
Matt Van Derlaske M 36 5k GZTC BTFD
Barbara Van Derlaske F 64 5k GZTC
Roberta Van Dyke F 71 5k
Trent Van Gorp M 23 5k GZTC
Karen Van Hoosier F 32 5k
David Vance M 44 5k
Jeanna Vance F 38 5k
Bruce VanLokeren M 57 5k GZTC
Kathi VanLokeren F 60 5k GZTC
Heather Varco F 43 5k
Samantha Varela F 27 5k TEP
Antonio Varela M 36 5k
Kayla Varela F 26 5k
Frank Vargas M 63 5k GZTC Better Than Ever
Erich Varnes M 47 5k UA Physics
Kathyn Varnes F 44 5k UA Physics
Andrew Varnes M 19 5k UA Physics
Noah Vaughan M 40 5k GZTC
Stephanie Ventura F 26 5k GZTC
Alya Verdugo F 26 5k GZTC
Cristina Verdugo F 45 5k GZTC
Laura Vigil F 54 5k GZTC
Sergio Villa M 38 5k
Perla Villarreal F 39 5k
Marie Vinyard F 44 5k
Danny Vo M 14 Open Mile, Men
Xavier Voss M 18 5k
Jessika Wade F 31 5k GZTC Bion CrossFit
Hailie Wagner F 25 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Laura Wagner F 49 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Douglas Wales M 29 5k GZTC
Sarah Walk F 24 5k
Kent Walker M 41 5k
Shannon Walker F 35 Open Mile, Women
Paul Walker M 45 Open Mile, Men
Micah Walker M 9 FitKidz
Ivy Walker F 47 5k GZTC
Jennifer Wallace F 32 5k
Michele Walsh F 54 5k GZTC
Dave Walters M 51 5k DestinationU
Rui Wang F 36 5k Competent to Proceed
Le Wang F 44 5k GZTC
Lisa Warneke F 59 5k
Jim Warneke M 60 5k
Nathan Warner M 35 Battle of the Badges
Kari Warner F 35 5k GZTC
Michael Warner M 36 5k GZTC
Stephanie Waterhouse F 28 5k GZTC
George Watkins M 52 5k GZTC
Salina Watson F 37 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Joshua Watson M 40 5k Southwest Endurance Training
James Watterson M 37 5k
Connie Weaver F 58 5k GZTC
Alexis Webb F 22 5k UA Physics
Stella Webb F 5 FitKidz
Andrew Webb M 36 5k GZTC
Karyn Webb F 39 5k GZTC
Lea Anne Weigel F 50 5k GZTC
Judy Weimer F 66 5k
Suzie Weisband F 61 5k
Rachel Weisner F 52 5k Hudbay
Jennifer Wellborn F 38 5k GZTC
Kim Westenskow F 33 5k GZTC
Josie Whitaker F 34 5k GZTC
Pauline White F 60 5k
Sara White F 41 5k GZTC
Marcia White F 45 5k GZTC
Doug Whitehill M 32 5k GZTC
Megan Wilber F 28 5k GZTC
Ryan Wilber M 35 5k GZTC
Jeanne Wilcoxson F 57 5k
Keri Wiley F 54 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Keri Wiley F 54 5k GZTC
Betsy Wilkening F 57 5k GZTC
Vanessa Wilkins F 36 5k 5 Chiks & a Dude
Josh Wilkinson M 37 5k GZTC
Joan Will F 51 5k GZTC
John Will M 52 5k GZTC
Ruthy Willard Kimbrel F 61 5k GZTC
Lee Ellen Willer F 68 5k
Sarah Willer F 43 5k
Ambriel Willer F 29 5k
Justin Williams M 30 5k TEP
Lilly Williams F 7 FitKidz
Rosalind Williams F 56 5k
Debbie Williams F 54 5k GZTC
Thomas Williams M 36 5k GZTC
Doug Williams M 51 5k GZTC
Sara Willis F 30 5k UA Physics
Lynne Wilson F 48 5k
Amy Wilson F 32 5k
Sarah Wilson F 35 5k GZTC
Benjamin Wilson M 35 5k GZTC
ryan wilson M 38 5k GZTC
Nathaniel Wine M 10 5k
Alina Wingstad F 51 5k GZTC
Bill Winkler M 58 5k
Jacki Winkler F 51 5k
Mandi Winslow F 39 5k SSA Walkers
Dennis Winsten M 79 Open Mile, Men
David Winters M 66 5k
Aaron Winters M 30 5k
Dolores Winters F 60 5k
John Witter M 48 5k GZTC
John Wodecki M 59 5k
Jacqueline Wohl F 67 5k GZTC
Jennifer Wolert F 42 5k GZTC
Ewan Wolgemuth M 12 5k UA Physics
Noah Wolgemuth M 12 5k UA Physics
Ariadne Wolgemuth F 9 5k UA Physics
Justine Wolgemuth F 46 5k UA Physics
Charles Wolgemuth M 44 5k GZTC
Sheree Womack F 31 5k GZTC Sheree Womack
TaiShawn Womack M 32 5k GZTC
Jessica Wong F 30 5k GZTC Jessica Wong
Bobby Wong M 37 5k GZTC Jessica Wong
Myrna Wood F 40 5k
Ray Wood M 44 5k
Hailey Wood F 12 5k
Janet Wooddancer-Fisher F 70 5k GZTC
Jennifer Woods F 38 5k TEP
Anita Woodward F 68 5k GZTC
James Woodward M 73 5k GZTC
Bradley Woosley M 6 FitKidz
Cindy Wortman F 51 5k GZTC
Caitlin Wright F 25 5k Here for Beers
elena wright F 40 5k
Bryan Wright M 52 5k GZTC
Aaron Wright M 40 5k GZTC
Linda Wright F 68 5k GZTC
Bruce Wyzykowski M 61 5k
Bruce Wyzykowski M 61 Open Mile, Women
Robert Yanez M 56 5k GZTC Tucson Runners Project
Paulina Yates F 32 5k GZTC
Paulette Yates F 27 5k GZTC
Denise yingst F 52 5k GZTC
Jennifer Yoon F 36 5k WildCats 2019
Kimberly York F 19 5k
Donna Youdelman F 57 5k Team Turtles
Luisana Zabalza F 35 5k TEP
AnaLuna Zaragoza Llanes F 5 FitKidz
Ezra Zaragoza Llanes M 5 FitKidz
Rhegan Zavala F 27 5k
Dana Zepke F 29 5k GZTC
Teresa Zhang F 35 5k Running for Reading
Kane Zhang M 24 5k UA Physics
Larry Zieminski M 37 Battle of the Badges TPD
Larry Zieminski M 37 5k GZTC Tucson Runners Project
Matthew Zigment M 29 5k GZTC
Monica Zigment F 33 5k GZTC
Ross Zimmerman M 65 5k GZTC
Alejandra Zorko F 29 5k TEP
Cassandra Zubia F 34 5k GZTC FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T


Updated unofficial list of participants for TMC Meet Me Downtown, A-K

May 30, 2018

Below (or click here) is the unofficial list of participants from A-K, as of May 30th at 11:00 am.   Click here for the list L - Z.

Registration Details to Remember:

If you signed up BEFORE May 24th, you can pick up your number and shirt at The Running Shop (3055 North Campbell) between now and Friday at 6:00 pm and on race night, June 2nd starting at 4:00 pm at the race site at 200 South Sixth Avenue, on the lawn outside the Children's Museum.

If you signed up AFTER MAY 24th, you will be able to pick up your number and shirt on race day, JUNE 2nd, at the race site at 200 South Sixth Avenue, on the lawn outside the Children's Museum, starting at 4:00 pm.

All Gabe Zimmerman registrants can pick up their GZTC medal and Run Tucson shirt on race night, June 2nd at the GZTC tent by the main stage.


Steve Abbott M 48 5k GZTC
Tess Abbott F 49 5k GZTC
Jule Abeytia F 43 5k GZTC
Callista Abeytia F 13 5k GZTC BTFD
Heidi Abrams F 44 5k GZTC
Sue Abramson F 55 5k GZTC

Ruth Acedo F 38 Battle of the Badges PCSD

Kate Adams F 4 FitKidz
Carter Adams M 8 FitKidz
Kyle Adams M 11 FitKidz
Jennifer Addington F 37 5k
Ilana Addis F 47 5k
Brittany Admire F 32 5k GZTC
Olivia Aguirre F 3 FitKidz
Elizabeth Aguirre F 34 5k GZTC
Tom Aguirre M 35 5k GZTC
Heather Alberts F 77 5k
Heather Alberts F 77 Open Mile, Women
Richard Albrecht M 64 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Robin Alhaddad F 42 Open Mile, Women
Gavi Alhaddad M 5 FitKidz
Woody Alhaddad M 45 5k GZTC
Samantha Aljets F 38 5k
Tabbi Aljets F 14 5k
Mona Allan F 50 5k GZTC DestinationU
Katrina Allen F 31 5k
Amanda Allen F 25 5k GZTC
Theresa Allison F 50 5k TRI-FIT Tucson
Caitlyn Allison F 24 5k GZTC
Harrison Alvarez M 26 5k
AYDEN Alvarez M 10 FitKidz
GIANNA Alvarez F 7 FitKidz
Zoe Anderson F 34 5k Cirque Roots
Sean Anderson M 32 5k LTTC
Lauren Anderson F 11 FitKidz
Alma Anderson F 35 5k
Brenda Anderson F 26 5k GZTC 25
Christine A Anderson Ferraris F 52 Open Mile, Women
Christine A Anderson Ferraris F 52 FitKidz
Matthew Andrews M 30 5k GZTC
Janet Annett F 67 5k
Michael Annett M 62 5k
Lizette Arellano F 29 5k
Bob Arendt M 59 5k GZTC
Areli Arias F 27 5k
Alexandra Armenta F 39 5k GZTC
David Armet M 36 5k GZTC
Mia Armijo F 28 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Theresa Arnold F 47 5k Busted Biscuit Beer Brigade
Michael Arnold M 46 5k Busted Biscuit Beer Brigade
Matt Arnold M 37 5k GZTC
Chase Aron M 5 FitKidz
Brett Aron M 1 FitKidz
Randy Arriola M 33 5k LTTC
Aviana Arriola F 5 FitKidz
Raquel Arriola F 36 5k GZTC Tucson Runner’s Project
Sandy Ashton F 55 5k GZTC
Sam Atkin M 25 5k
Sam Atkin M 25 Open Mile, Men
Fernando Atondo M 39 5k TEP
david attebery M 44 5k destination u
evelyn attebery F 48 5k destination u
Crystal Atwell F 46 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Mikhail Averbukh M 44 5k
Anthony Avila M 33 5k The Not Nice Guys
Melody Bailey F 59 5k
Caysie Baker F 35 5k
Megan Baker F 28 5k GZTC
Jeri Baker F 41 5k GZTC Tucson Runners Project
Richard Baldwin M 65 5k
Autumn Ball F 38 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Brandon Ball M 41 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Autumn Ball F 38 5k GZTC Southwest Endurance Training 
Brandon Ball M 41 5k GZTC Southwest Endurance Training 
Scott Bandaruk M 33 5k TEP
Peter Bantock M 52 5k
Daniel Barajas M 33 5k
Cristobal Barajas M 32 5k GZTC
Karil Barbieux F 35 5k GZTC
Reginald Barkley M 25 5k
Bryan Barns M 28 5k GZTC
Robb Baron M 71 5k
Joe Barrera M 37 5k GZTC
Jessica Barton F 32 5k
Ryan Bartz M 36 5k GZTC
Pamela Basila F 58 5k Mojacar
David Basila M 25 5k Mojacar
Joey Basila M 20 5k Mojacar
Tonya Bates F 55 5k For Those Who Can't
Kevin Bates M 44 5k
Kevin Bates M 44 Open Mile, Men
Denise Bates F 44 5k
Claire Bates F 15 5k
Lila Bates F 10 5k
Aidan Bates M 11 5k
Katherine Bauer F 64 5k GZTC
Jill Baum-Moreno F 51 5k La Familia
John Bauschatz M 43 5k Desert Monkeys
Diana Bautista F 44 5k GZTC Team RWB
Bronx Bay M 6 FitKidz
Ayden Bay M 10 FitKidz
Jedidiah Baylor M 36 5k GZTC
Brianna Bayze F 21 5k
Brianna Bayze F 21 Open Mile, Women
Conan Beach M 39 5k
Conan Beach M 39 FitKidz
Isabelle Beach F 15 5k
Isabelle Beach F 15 FitKidz
Brad Beach M 52 5k Bacanora
Melissa Beal F 28 5k GZTC
Wendy Beall F 70 5k
Lisa Beasley F 42 5k GZTC
Blake Beasley M 45 5k GZTC
Joaquin Becerra M 6 FitKidz
Virginia Becerra F 42 5k GZTC
Ellen Bechtol F 31 5k AURA Employees Association
Keith Bechtol M 33 5k AURA Employees Association
Dustin Beckett M 26 5k
Melissa Bee F 31 5k GZTC
Bill Beech M 60 5k GZTC
Pamala Beech F 60 5k GZTC
Valerie Begley F 70 5k GZTC
Kathryn Beil F 32 5k GZTC
Catharine Belanger F 41 5k GZTC
Gabriella Belanger F 9 5k GZTC
scott Bell M 57 5k Tom Bower State Farm
Vanessa Bell F 52 5k GZTC DestinationU
Thomas Benavidez M 52 5k
Priscilla Benbrook F 46 5k GZTC
Tim Bentley M 51 5k Workout Group
Lina Bergner F 38 5k GZTC
Letysha Bergstad F 32 5k TEP
Ed Berkeley M 67 5k GZTC
Claudia Bernal F 44 5k Tucson Strength
Amanda Biagi F 31 5k
Ashley Bickel F 31 5k Ratcatchers
Zachary Bickel M 28 5k Ratcatchers
Ramon Billy M 45 Open Mile, Men
Brian Bindschadler M 54 5k GZTC
Katherine Bindschadler F 54 5k GZTC
Mary Black F 65 Open Mile, Women
Debbie Black F 55 5k DestinationU
Debbie Black F 55 5k GZTC DestinationU
Mary Black F 65 5k GZTC SAR
Chad Blair M 39 5k Team RWB
Joshua Blais M 42 5k GZTC
Stephanie Blais F 41 5k GZTC
Jacob Blais M 16 5k GZTC
Stephanie Bleakmore F 41 5k GZTC
Adam Bleier M 44 5k Competent to Proceed
caroline blessey F 52 5k
Valerie Bloss F 29 5k GZTC Undertrained and Overconfident
Dana Blumberg F 59 5k
Kathleen Bober F 64 5k
Richard bock M 47 5k TEP
Amy Bocks F 43 5k GZTC
Denise Boek F 56 5k GZTC
Mely Bohlman F 22 5k GZTC
Heather Bohnke F 43 5k GZTC Southwest Endurance Training
Brian Bokowski M 38 Open Mile, Men
Dennis Bonilla M 59 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
Julie Bonner F 39 5k GZTC
cristina bonomini F 37 5k
Stephanie Boreale F 39 5k GZTC TMC
Andrey Borshyev M 26 5k Kool Arrows
Mickey Boston F 50 5k GZTC
Brett Bourguet M 32 5k
Krystal Bourlier F 31 5k
Tom Bower M 60 5k Tom Bower State Farm
Kimberly Bowie F 51 5k GZTC
Amanda Boysun F 37 5k Inspired Fitness
Vicki Bozarth F 54 5k GZTC
Glenda Bracamonte F 56 5k
Steve Bracamonte M 59 5k TEP
Eva Bragg F 41 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Jacob Brainerd M 27 5k Team Monotone
Don Branaman M 79 5k GZTC
Allie Brandt F 32 5k GZTC Workout Group
Toqua Brasel F 57 5k Hudbay
Alexandra Brasington F 27 5k UA Physics
Gary Brauchla M 73 5k GZTC
Laura Braverman F 36 5k GZTC
Cathy Breton F 39 5k
Lynsey Brewer F 29 5k GZTC
Susan Briante F 50 5k GZTC
Brittany Briley F 34 5k Cirque Roots
Alec Briones M 65 5k GZTC
Nicole Brockman F 37 5k
Samuel Brodie M 27 5k
Ed Brogna M 66 FitKidz
Julie Brogna F 57 FitKidz
Shauna Bronson F 39 5k GZTC
Stephanie Brooks F 51 5k GZTC
Stephanie Brooks F 51 5k
Morgan Brooks M 40 5k Hereford Hagfish
Christina Brooks F 40 5k Hereford Hagfish
Jack Brooks M 9 5k Hereford Hagfish
James Brooks M 7 5k Hereford Hagfish
Daryll Brosanders M 47 5k GZTC WOG
Erin Broussard F 29 5k GZTC
Denise Brown F 37 Open Mile, Women
Lilly Brown F 7 Open Mile, Women
Josh Brown M 22 5k GZTC
Lisa Brown F 34 5k GZTC LB
Ian Browning M 32 5k Cirque Roots
Tara Bruce F 31 5k
Rebecca Brynsaas F 44 5k
Allison Buchanan F 23 5k GZTC
Kimberly Budenski F 55 5k GZTC
Ryan Bugler M 23 Open Mile, Men
Michelle Bulisache F 25 5k GZTC
Moanikeala Burgos F 31 5k GZTC
Andrea Burk F 40 5k GZTC
Kristen Burkard F 34 5k
Rebecca Burnett F 25 5k
Deanne Bush F 52 5k GZTC Tucson Runners Project
Briana Bushnell F 18 5k GZTC
Eileen Bushway F 60 5k
Stephanie Bustamante F 31 5k
Andrea Buttrick F 42 5k GZTC
Rochelle Byrne F 32 5k GZTC
Jennifer Cañez F 36 5k
Beatrice Caballero F 42 5k GZTC
Nick Cajero M 63 5k
Hector Calderon M 23 5k GZTC
Kim Callihan F 57 5k
Eddie Camacho M 33 5k GZTC
Grace Camacho F 52 5k
Manny Camacho M 37 5k GZTC
Tommy Canez M 49 5k GZTC
Sherry Canez F 40 5k GZTC
Dalinda Cantu F 53 5k GZTC
Chad Caporale M 44 5k GZTC
Jamie Carbary F 32 5k GZTC
John Carbary M 32 5k GZTC
Catalina Carlos F 36 5k GZTC
Matt Carlton M 41 5k
Leticia Carpio F 45 5k
Monique Carranza F 37 5k GZTC
Emma Carranza F 11 5k GZTC
Nadia Carrillo F 58 5k
Selina Carrillo F 26 5k GZTC Radiology Ltd Skeleton Crew
Kelly Carroll F 20 5k
Doug Carroll M 61 5k
Patty Carroll F 57 5k
Michael Carroll M 55 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Mylissa Carstens F 42 5k GZTC
Amanda Carter F 32 5k
Shanae Casper F 32 5k
Ava Cassidy F 26 5k
Kerri Castell F 49 5k GZTC
Mario Castillo M 48 5k Busted Biscuit Beer Brigade
Christi Castillo F 34 5k GZTC
Javier Castillo M 33 5k GZTC
Frank Castillo M 57 5k GZTC
Jessica Castrillo F 31 5k Bion CrossFit
Liliana Castro F 9 5k
Camila Castro F 7 5k
Allison Castro F 35 5k
Patricio Castro M 53 5k GZTC
Anastacio Castro M 31 5k GZTC
Nicole Caswell F 29 5k GZTC
Rexy Catacutan M 25 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Kayla Catacutan F 27 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Eva Cayaditto F 53 5k GZTC
Thomas Caylor M 54 5k GZTC
Yakov Cerros M 9 FitKidz
Yuliya Cerros F 42 5k GZTC
Beatriz Cervantes F 27 5k
Mayra Cervantes F 28 5k
Erika Cervantes F 34 5k GZTC
tessa chalberg F 72 5k GZTC Better Than Ever
Peggy Chalk F 60 5k GZTC
Curtis Chalk M 36 5k GZTC
Amber Chalk F 33 5k GZTC
William Chan M 35 5k WildCats 2019
Alexandria Chaput F 26 5k GZTC Undertrained and Overconfident
Heather Charles F 27 5k UA Physics
Leslie Chartier F 35 5k
Leslie Chartier F 35 FitKidz
David F Chavez M 32 5k
Ernesto Chavez M 31 5k Kool Arrows
Rachel Chavez F 35 5k Hudbay
Estefania Chavez F 25 FitKidz
Braden Chavez M 8 FitKidz
Jace Chavez M 4 FitKidz
Joe Chavez M 40 5k
Carolyn Chavez F 39 5k GZTC
Claudia Chavez-Lopez F 22 5k Kool Arrows
Isaac Chico M 36 5k GZTC
Stephanie Chiesi F 41 5k
Michael Chiesi M 40 5k
Eric Chin M 36 5k
Adam Chlup M 33 5k GZTC Team Ragnarok
Crystal Chlup F 31 5k GZTC Team Ragnarok
Joseph Ciaramitaro M 68 Open Mile, Men
Joseph Ciaramitaro M 68 5k
Richard Cirillo M 75 5k Lawyer Liz
Elizabeth Cirillo F 44 5k Lawyer Liz
Ioana Citireag F 29 5k
John Claggett M 64 5k GZTC
Leslie Claggett F 48 5k GZTC
Danielle Clark F 35 5k
Kathryn Clarke F 38 5k Run Like a Mother (or Father)
Sean Cleary M 42 5k GZTC Thin Blue Line Fitness
Dan Click M 34 5k GZTC
James Clubb Sr. M 73 5k GZTC
Monique Coady F 54 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
William Cockrell M 48 5k GZTC
Laura Cockrell F 50 5k GZTC
Lindsey Cohen F 41 5k GZTC
Verna Coiro F 66 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Leslie Cole F 50 5k
Michael Cole M 39 5k GZTC
Iris Coleman F 53 5k Running for Reading
Olivia Coleman F 14 5k
Kristy Coleman F 39 5k GZTC
Elizabeth Collins F 30 5k GZTC
Matthew Collins M 30 5k GZTC
Valorie Colson F 50 5k Desert Monkeys
Tim Colson M 46 5k Desert Monkeys
Vivianna Colson F 11 5k Desert Monkeys
Rebecca Ann Combs F 36 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Natalia Comisso F 30 5k
Tricia Conrad F 44 5k
Brian Conrad M 47 5k
Brianne Conrath F 30 5k GZTC
Janette Contreras F 35 5k
Rob Cook M 53 5k GZTC
Tamanique Cooke F 33 5k TEP
Priscilla Cooper F 34 5k GZTC
Lillian Cooper F 42 5k GZTC
Stephanie Corbaley F 36 5k Bion CrossFit
Heather Corless F 31 5k GZTC
Daniel Cormode M 43 5k GZTC
Ramon Cornejo-Lopez M 49 5k
Nicolas Cornejo-Lopez M 17 5k
Lydia Cornejo-Lopez F 14 5k
Christine Cornejo-Lopez F 43 5k GZTC
Araceli Cornidez F 27 5k GZTC
Bobbi Jo Coronado F 36 5k GZTC
Suzanne Corral F 52 5k GZTC
Vanessa Cota F 40 5k GZTC
Koltan Couch M 22 5k
Jennifer Coughlan F 39 5k Cirque Roots
Patti Courtney F 45 5k
Stephen Cowen M 48 5k
Susanne Cox F 53 5k Kool Arrows
Lierin Cox F 31 5k GZTC
Jennifer Cox F 33 5k GZTC
Ginger Coy F 57 5k
Judy Cramer F 57 5k GZTC
John Creagh M 64 5k
Laurel Creamer F 34 5k GZTC
Desiree Cristinzio F 40 5k GZTC
Gaby Croft F 45 5k GZTC
Mark Cromey M 27 Battle of the Badges Tucson Fire
Amber Crowe F 41 5k
Nicholas Crucet M 32 5k GZTC
Bill Crum M 82 5k
Veronica Cruz F 37 5k GZTC DSB Don’t Stop  Believin  
Erika Cruz F 41 5k GZTC
Roberta Cruz F 40 5k GZTC
Luis Cuarao M 27 5k
Brandie Cudney F 43 5k GZTC
Ashley Culver F 34 5k
Janice Curtis F 43 5k GZTC DestinationU
John Cyhaniuk M 24 5k GZTC Low Speed High Drag
Sondra Dahlberg F 45 5k GZTC
Cathy Damstra-Lepley F 56 5k
Cathy Damstra-Lepley F 56 Open Mile, Women
Dan Dasse M 47 5k GZTC Team Dasse
Judy Dasse F 48 5k GZTC Team Dasse
Hailey Davenport F 24 5k GZTC
Sarah David F 30 5k GZTC
Michael Davies M 34 5k WildCats 2019
Phyllis Davies F 62 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
Emily Davis F 6 FitKidz
Madeleine deBlois F 35 5k Run Like a Mother (or Father)
Zachary Delaney M 37 5k GZTC
Jesse Delaney F 44 5k GZTC
Julie Delfs F 51 5k
Stephanie Delgado F 51 5k
Es Delgado F 39 5k GZTC
Christina Della Gatta F 52 5k GZTC
Grace Dellomes-Botor F 43 5k GZTC
Olivia Dellos F 38 5k TEAM SCHMO
Vicki DeLoach F 48 5k Suarez
Michael Delost M 27 5k
Tanya Demers F 47 5k
Jen Dempsey F 28 5k GZTC
Jessica Dennis F 30 5k GZTC
Shelley DeVere F 43 5k GZTC
Erin Dial F 31 5k
Kristi Dickey F 46 5k
Kevin Dignum M 45 5k GZTC Skeleton Crew Radiology Limited
Rose Dill F 53 5k
Maya Dillon F 11 5k
Carole Dinsmore F 43 5k GZTC
Allyson Dipietro F 31 5k GZTC
Dave Dixon M 48 5k Workout Group
Katherine Dixon F 34 5k For doughnuts
Cynthia Doane F 45 5k GZTC
Guy Dobbins M 59 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
William Dobbs M 48 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
Bruce Dodge M 39 5k GZTC
Frances Donnellan F 66 5k GZTC
JD Donnelly M 11 5k Desert Monkeys
Violette Donnelly F 13 5k Desert Monkeys
Mark Donohue M 47 5k
Diane Donohue F 49 5k
Melissa Donovan F 45 5k GZTC
Charilyn Dooline F 33 5k GZTC Tucson Runner’s Project
Elizabeth Dooling F 38 5k GZTC
Cindy Dooling F 66 5k GZTC
Randi Dorman F 51 5k
Jennifer Dorris F 48 5k GZTC
Shavonne Doss F 29 5k GZTC
Laura Doumitt F 23 5k It's A Dry Heat
Jeremy Douthit M 32 5k GZTC
Amy Downing F 57 5k GZTC
Craig Downing M 59 5k GZTC
Jennifer Ashley Downs F 30 5k GZTC
Shelby Doyle F 26 5k GZTC
Sean Doyle M 55 5k GZTC
Carol Drath F 38 5k GZTC
Andrew Dreyer M 12 FitKidz
Christoph Drisbusch M 37 5k Cirque Roots
Charles du Preez M 33 5k GZTC
Jeffrey Duggan M 32 5k
Vera Dujmic F 35 5k
Tiffany Dunlop F 52 5k
Eric Dupree M 41 5k GZTC
Lisa Duran F 45 5k GZTC
Lorraine Earley-Thibaut F 33 5k GZTC
Anton Ebenal M 22 5k
Jamie Edgin F 41 5k
Audrey Edwards F 13 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Brent Edwards M 47 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Michelle Edwards F 38 Open Mile, Women
Michelle Edwards F 38 5k Workout Group
Michelle Edwards F 38 5k GZTC Workout Group
Philomena Edwardson F 65 5k
Denise Ehler F 52 5k GZTC
Christine Eibling F 26 5k
Renata El F 41 5k GZTC
Martha Elafros F 63 5k
Tamera Eldridge F 56 5k GZTC
Briana Elias F 24 5k
Shelby Elias F 24 5k GZTC
Chris Elliott M 40 5k The Not Nice Guys
Lara Elliott F 40 5k Fleet Feet
Nancy Ellis F 53 5k GZTC
Rylie Ellison M 12 FitKidz
Justin Ellison M 36 5k GZTC
Paul Emmert M 60 5k GZTC
Andrea Enciso F 29 5k
Brian English M 51 5k Kool Arrows
Jeremy Eppley M 38 5k
Lauren Erdelyi F 26 5k GZTC
Jerri Erdmann F 71 5k Lawyer Liz
Elizabeth Erkkila F 40 5k Bion CrossFit
Michelle Esposito F 28 5k
Aidan Estomo M 15 5k Hereford Hagfish
Darren Evans M 39 5k Kool Arrows
Bethany Evans F 30 5k
Andrea Evenson F 39 5k
Sifer Evenson M 8 FitKidz
Kory Faber M 41 5k Bion CrossFit
Lauren Falconer F 12 5k GZTC El Rio
Marcella Falconer F 11 5k GZTC El Rio
Don  Fallis M 52 Open Mile, Men
Don  Fallis M 52 5k
Aaron Farber M 34 5k Cirque Roots
Thomas Farney M 36 5k GZTC
Cathy Farrand F 60 5k
Corbitt Farren M 37 5k GZTC
Joe Faulk M 55 5k GZTC
Aracely Favela F 46 5k Tucson Strength
Dax Faxon M 3 FitKidz
Linkin Faxon M 7 FitKidz
Nicole Faxon F 36 5k GZTC TUcson Runners Project
Alan Feddersen M 76 5k GZTC
Sheryl Felde F 57 5k GZTC The Workout Group
Steve Felde M 62 5k GZTC The Workout Group
Angela Feldpausch F 48 5k
Carla Felix F 33 5k GZTC
Jen Ferguson F 57 5k Hudbay
Drew Ferlmann M 26 5k WildCats 2019
Carissa Fernandez F 30 5k GZTC
Kimberly Ferrari F 2 FitKidz
Gianni Ferreri M 39 5k GZTC
Danielle Fidel F 35 5k Run Like a Mother (or Father)
Brian Fieg M 39 5k GZTC
Sandra Fieg F 39 5k GZTC
Christine Filer F 29 5k GZTC
Christine Filer F 29 5k GZTC
Sandra Findley F 67 5k DestinationU
Amber Findysz F 28 5k GZTC
Vickey Fisher F 53 5k Tucson Strength
Bobby Fisher M 55 5k GZTC
Danine Fisher F 34 5k GZTC
M Fitzgerald F 50 5k
Kristin Fitzharris F 33 Open Mile, Women
Kristin Fitzharris F 33 5k Team RWB
Kristin Fitzharris F 33 5k GZTC
Ryan FitzPatrick M 33 5k GZTC
Dale Flannery F 57 5k
Jennifer Floyd F 38 5k GZTC
Mickey Fontane M 34 5k GZTC
Amber Forster F 33 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
Keith Fournier M 41 5k
Suzanne Foust F 52 5k GZTC
Tyler Foutch M 29 5k GZTC
Robyn Fowler F 55 5k GZTC
Amanda Fox F 36 5k
Frank Fox M 37 5k
Douglas Francart M 32 5k
Maria Francisco F 40 5k GZTC
Marianne Franco F 44 5k GZTC
Craig Frank M 46 5k GZTC
Anastasia Frank F 14 5k GZTC
Kristina Frank F 39 5k GZTC
Clifford Franklin M 13 5k
Clifford Franklin M 13 Open Mile, Men
Genesis Frazier F 28 5k Team
Tim Fredlake M 30 5k GZTC
Joey Freeland M 36 5k GZTC
Valerie French F 50 5k Team Turtles
Elizabeth Frias F 36 5k
Sean Frobe M 42 5k
William Froehlich M 37 5k Kool Arrows
Brian Frost M 33 5k GZTC
Wyn Frost F 29 5k GZTC
Caroline Frostrom F 45 5k
Gregg Frostrom M 43 5k GZTC
Jim Frye M 63 5k GZTC
Sharon Frye F 59 5k GZTC
Ana Fukunaga F 50 5k GZTC
Nancy Fuller F 68 5k GZTC Workout Group
Heather Fuller F 41 5k GZTC
Armand Gahol M 27 5k GZTC
Jordan Gaiser M 35 5k GZTC
MARIA GALLEGOS F 38 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Alyssa Gallion F 28 5k
Rebecca Galvan F 36 5k
Ruth Galvan de Ramirez F 50 5k GZTC
Kendall Gamble M 7 FitKidz
Bryson Gamble M 4 FitKidz
Alianna Gamble F 9 5k
Maggie Gamble F 32 5k
Maria Guadalupe Gamboa F 42 5k GZTC Southwest Endurance Training 
Patricia Gamez F 64 5k
Gina Gamez-Hollander F 56 5k
Caroline Garcia F 56 5k Mojacar
Jay Garcia F 12 5k DustDevils
Alejandra Garcia F 35 FitKidz
Camila Garcia F 7 FitKidz
David Garcia M 32 5k GZTC
Crystal Garcia F 30 5k GZTC
Yvette Garcia F 45 5k GZTC
Silas Garcia M 41 5k GZTC
Kourtney Gard F 42 5k TEP
Leslie Garnsey F 53 5k GZTC Fleet Feet
Ethan Garrett M 7 FitKidz
Ethan Garrett M 7 Battle of the Badges PCSD
Claudia Gary F 75 5k GZTC Better than ever
Loretta Gascoigne F 74 5k
Mary Gaspers F 41 5k GZTC
Mark Gaspers M 41 5k GZTC
Gabriel Gastelum M 17 5k
Marcela Gastelum F 40 5k
Mario Gastelum M 44 5k
Kathryn Gastelum F 54 5k GZTC
Ciana Gastelum F 24 5k GZTC
Michelle  Gastrock F 44 5k GZTC
Olivia Gastrock 12 5k GZTC
Jason Gastrock M 44 5k GZTC
Miles Gastrock M 9 5k GZTC
Michael Gatwood M 27 5k GZTC
Michael Gaub M 28 5k
Jeffrey Gautreau M 23 5k LTTC
Jeffrey Gautreau M 23 Open Mile, Men
Molly Gebler F 27 5k GZTC
Sarah Gehring F 34 5k TEP
Tim Gendler M 38 5k AURA Employees Association
Nicholas Georgiopoulos M 24 5k
Alicia Gestautas F 38 5k
Charles Giacomarro M 33 5k GZTC
Patti Giannasi F 67 5k
Gary Giese M 74 5k GZTC Workout Group
Isaac Gilbertson M 7 5k
Matt Gilbertson M 38 5k GZTC
Whitney Gilchriest F 41 5k
Denise Gizinski F 37 5k GZTC
mona glasgow F 49 5k GZTC
Vaughne Glennie F 46 5k Desert Monkeys
Lenor Glover F 39 5k
Tanya Glover F 67 5k
Tanya Glover F 66 5k GZTC
Ed Godfrey M 43 5k Ratcatchers
Kaylyn Alisabeth Godoy F 3 FitKidz
Pam Golden F 63 5k GZTC
Maralyn Goldstein F 62 5k Bion CrossFit
Alanna Gonzales F 34 5k GZTC CNS Foundation
Tony Gonzales M 53 5k GZTC
Patricia Gonzales F 54 5k GZTC
Misa Gonzales F 36 5k GZTC
Julieta Gonzalez F 66 5k
Michelle Gonzalez F 47 5k
Benito Gonzalez M 62 5k GZTC
Benny Gonzalez M 30 5k GZTC TEP
Jessica Good F 26 5k GZTC
Cynthia Goodman F 62 5k GZTC
Charles Goodman M 62 5k GZTC
Billie Gormley F 5k GZTC
Brigitte Gosnell F 45 5k GZTC Team RWB
Michelle Gossen F 47 5k GZTC
Sarah Gotschall F 49 5k GZTC
Kayla Gouhin F 32 5k GZTC
Laxmi Goulapally M 39 5k TEP
Nihar Goulapally M 10 FitKidz
Ravi Govindan M 38 5k TEP
Zachary Grabill M 30 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Roberta Gracia F 16 5k
Lisa Graeme F 54 5k GZTC
Lisa Granados F 38 5k GZTC
Fikretta Grant F 45 5k GZTC
Jodi Grassmeyer F 60 5k GZTC
Amy Graves F 35 5k Busted Biscuit Beer Brigade
Charina Grazioso F 44 5k GZTC
Donnie Green M 42 5k GZTC TripleThreat
Greg Greene M 42 5k Workout Group
Greg Greene M 42 5k GZTC Workout Group
Cat Greene F 39 5k GZTC
Teresa Gregory F 52 5k GZTC
Rick Grelock M 48 5k
Kara Grennell F 14 5k GZTC
Caleb Grennell M 11 5k GZTC
Stephen Greth M 38 5k GZTC DSB Don’t Stop  Believin  
Peggy Gribbins F 36 5k DestinationU
Cadence Grigel F 7 FitKidz
Ethan Grigel M 5 FitKidz
Eric Grigel M 37 5k GZTC
Henry Grittner M 25 5k Here for Beers
Petra Gronenberg F 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
Austin Grover M 39 5k GZTC The Workout Group
Nigel Gruff M 46 5k
Nigel Gruff M 46 Open Mile, Men
Christopher Grusenmeyer M 27 5k GZTC
Francisco Guadalupe M 29 5k Here for Beers
Norma Guerrero F 32 5k
Liam Guiles M 6 FitKidz
Cinthia Guillen F 26 5k GZTC
Ryan Gutenkunst M 37 5k UA Physics
Cesar Guzman M 41 5k Running for Reading
Melissa Hager F 44 5k GZTC
Joshua Hagin M 33 5k
Kevin Hakala M 38 5k Competent to Proceed
Leah Haller F 38 5k GZTC
Ruth Halter F 57 5k
Rachael Hambacher F 37 5k GZTC
Jaxson Hamlin M 7 FitKidz
Richard Hamm M 27 5k
Tanya Hammond F 47 5k GZTC
Kenneth Hance M 52 5k GZTC
Mary Hance F 52 5k GZTC
Natasha Handy F 40 5k GZTC
Aaron Hanhoff M 15 5k
Rebecca Hanley F 38 5k GZTC
Claire Hans F 31 5k Workout Group
Buzzy Hansen F 27 5k It's A Dry Heat
Robert Hansen M 30 5k It's A Dry Heat
Diane Hansen F 49 5k GZTC
Roxann Hansen F 49 5k GZTC
Stephanie Hanson F 30 5k GZTC
Chip Hardesty M 58 5k Skeleton Crew - Radiology Ltd
Melissa Hardin F 37 5k SSA Walkers
Jimmy Hardin M 54 5k SSA Walkers
Ramsey Hardin M 6 5k
Suzanne Hardin F 36 5k GZTC
Amber Hardy F 34 5k
Amber Harkin F 35 5k GZTC Tucson Strength
Jonathan Harmon M 32 5k
Jason Harris M 27 5k GZTC
Angela Harris F 36 5k GZTC
Nicholas Harry M 39 5k The Not Nice Guys
Jennifer Harshbarger F 38 5k GZTC
Kyle Hartfield M 32 5k GZTC
Elena Hartman F 59 5k DestinationU
Elena Hartman F 59 5k GZTC DestinationU
Janine Hartman F 48 5k GZTC
Rhiannon Hastings F 41 5k Ratcatchers
Josh Hathaway M 23 5k Inspired Fitness
David Hattan M 65 5k GZTC
Momo Hauser F 35 5k Bion CrossFit
Todd Headstream M 60 5k
Ryan Heard F 35 5k GZTC
Lisa Hemann F 38 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Brittany Hempel F 24 5k GZTC
Viviana Henao F 35 5k
Ryan Hendrickson M 31 5k GZTC Trackers Tracking
Becky Henne F 61 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
Noel Hennessey F 32 5k GZTC
Ray Henson M 60 5k Workout Group
Valerie Hentig F 46 5k GZTC
Christopher Herald M 31 Open Mile, Men
Lupita Hernandez F 5k Southern Arizona Roadrunners
Roger Hernandez M 53 5k
Eddie Hernandez M 28 5k GZTC
Rogelio Hernandez M 48 5k GZTC WOG
Connie Herrera F 28 5k
Connie Herrera F 28 5k GZTC
Mary (Peg) Heslinga F 68 5k GZTC
Jerome Hesse M 47 5k GZTC
India Hesse F 47 5k GZTC
Shirley Hester F 75 5k GZTC
Kerri Hickenbottom F 31 5k GZTC
Branden Hickok M 36 5k GZTC
Brittany Hickok F 35 5k GZTC
Angel Hidalgo M 33 5k GZTC
Esmeralda Hidalgo F 12 5k GZTC
Lauren Higgins F 27 5k
Carleigh High F 30 5k GZTC Fleet Feet
Andrea Hilden F 47 5k GZTC
Stephen Hill M 30 5k Meet Me Wednesdays
Bill Hill M 75 5k Tucson Tri Girls
Emma Hillman F 23 5k UA Physics
Naomi Hillman-Simon F 37 5k GZTC
Ashley Hite F 37 5k TEAM SCHMO
Ember Hlivko F 6 FitKidz
Theron Hlivko M 9 FitKidz
GRACE HODGES F 15 5k Southwest Endurance Training
JENNIFER HODGES F 47 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Elvira Hodzic F 46 5k
Mya Hoeflinger F 38 5k GZTC
Kraig Hoekstra M 33 5k Kemaitch
Ashley Hoekstra F 33 5k Kemaitch
Weslyn Hoekstra F 57 5k Kemaitch
Tyson Hoekstra M 38 5k GZTC Vail Christian Church
Jennifer Hoffman F 45 5k GZTC
Sean Hoffman M 44 5k GZTC
Daniel Hofstandter M 60 5k
Shari Hofstandter F 57 5k
Elsbeth Hoggatt F 35 5k TEP
Michael Holberg M 34 5k WildCats 2019
Jennifer Holberg F 33 5k WildCats 2019
Janet Holland F 5k
Bryana Holland F 24 5k GZTC
Steven Hollander M 68 5k
Jana Holt F 11 5k Desert Monkeys
Bradley Holt M 40 5k Desert Monkeys
Jenny Holt F 38 5k Desert Monkeys
Ava Holt F 7 5k Desert Monkeys
Matt Holtan M 44 5k
Yoklan Holtan F 39 5k
Jessi Holton F 39 5k Hudbay
Kathryn Honda F 57 5k GZTC
Linnea Honeker F 37 5k GZTC
Craig Honeker M 43 5k GZTC
Heather Hopkins F 52 Open Mile, Women
Heather Hopkins F 52 5k GZTC The Workout Group
William Horner M 10 5k
Carissa Horner F 7 5k
Emily Horner F 37 5k GZTC
Bobby Horner M 44 5k GZTC
Diana Horton F 55 5k
Chad Horton M 41 5k
Lindsay Horton F 37 5k GZTC
Benjamin Hoskie M 44 5k
Arlene Hoskie F 51 5k
Meghan Hospodka F 23 5k For doughnuts
Junie Hostetler F 67 5k GZTC
Caitlin Howard F 25 5k
Alyssa Howard F 27 5k
Robert Howard M 60 5k GZTC
Dennis Howell M 64 5k
Danny Huang M 24 5k Workout Group
Kimberly Huffman F 51 5k TEP
Rebecca Hughes F 43 5k Running for Reading
David Hughes M 26 5k Team Monotone
Steve Hughes M 63 5k GZTC
Darin Hughes M 48 5k GZTC
Martha Huizar F 29 5k GZTC The Wizards
Luis Huizar M 30 5k GZTC The Wizards
Christina Humphries F 50 5k GZTC
Scott Hunter M 51 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Daniel P Hurtado M 39 5k
Cheryl Hutchins F 28 5k GZTC
Brittany Hyatt F 35 5k
Sara Hyde F 37 5k GZTC

Hector Iglecias M 46 5k
Gabrielle Illanas F 22 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Sheree Illanas F 52 5k Southwest Endurance Training
Brad Isbell M 37 5k GZTC
Mishelle Jackson F 55 5k
Anna Jacob F 25 5k
Eric Jacobs M 42 5k It's A Dry Heat
Jessica Jacobs F 46 5k It's A Dry Heat
Natalie Jacobs F 5 FitKidz
Evan Jacobs M 4 FitKidz
Debra Jacobs F 59 5k GZTC
James Jacobs M 62 5k GZTC
Walter Jacobson M 5k GZTC
Sheila Jaggers F 59 5k
Mike James M 49 5k
Melissa Janezic F 33 5k TEP
Patricia Jansma F 58 5k GZTC Better Than Ever
Christopher Jansmann M 46 5k GZTC
Paula Jansmann F 65 5k GZTC
Rachel Jarrett F 33 5k Run Like a Mother (or Father)
Graciela Jauregui F 28 5k GZTC
Tracy Jeck F 39 5k GZTC Rad Ltd Skeleton Crew
David Jeck M 48 5k GZTC Rad Ltd Skeleton Crew
Debbie Jensen F 59 5k
Christie Jensen F 50 5k GZTC
Clay Jerald M 45 5k
Virginia Jhung F 41 5k GZTC
Eva Jimenez F 58 5k
David Jimenez M 59 5k
Rick John M 23 5k It's A Dry Heat
Thomas Johns M 33 5k Ratcatchers
Kellie Johnson F 46 5k
Reagan Johnson M 46 5k
Isaac Johnson M 13 5k
Maria Johnson F 40 5k
Katie Johnson F 25 5k
Eliza Johnson F 33 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Emily Johnson F 43 5k GZTC
Maggie Johnson F 27 5k GZTC
Miyonna Jones F 8 FitKidz
Audriyonna Jones F 6 FitKidz
Sophiyonna Jones F 3 FitKidz
Miyonna Jones F 37 FitKidz
Nina Jones F 44 5k
Cameron Jones M 31 5k GZTC
Joni Jones F 63 5k GZTC
Gary Jones M 63 5k GZTC
Catherine Jones F 44 5k GZTC
Callie Jordan F 72 Open Mile, Women
Brooke Jordan F 5 FitKidz
Bailey Jordan F 5 FitKidz
Ashley Jordan F 34 Open Mile, Women
Chris Jordan M 35 Open Mile, Men
Kyle Jordan M 27 5k
Tracey Jorgensen F 5k GZTC
Austin Juarez M 19 5k
claudia juarez F 43 5k
Colton Kacin M 28 5k
Jaime Kafader F 32 5k GZTC Tucson Tri Girls
Dave Kail M 66 5k
Sonia Karkar F 40 5k AURA Employees Association
Robin Keegan F 48 5k
Jennifer Keller F 26 Open Mile, Women
Karen Keller F 51 5k GZTC Tucson Runners Project
Megan Kelley F 26 5k GZTC
Blake Kelly M 58 5k
Andrea Kelly F 35 5k GZTC
Kelly Kempi F 48 5k GZTC
Natalie Kennedy F 42 5k Busted Biscuit Beer Brigade
Cristen Kern F 32 5k WildCats 2019
Tarah Kerwin F 41 5k
E.J. Kerwin M 45 5k
Thomas Ketchmark M 51 5k GZTC
Tracey Ketchmark F 44 5k GZTC
Alvin Kevichusa M 53 5k Kool Arrows
Himat Khalsa M 48 5k GZTC
Angie Khawam F 54 5k GZTC The Workout Group WOG
Elizabeth Kiefer F 33 5k Here for Beers
Andrew Kilpatrick M 29 5k GZTC
Lacee Kimball F 34 5k GZTC
Analeah Kime F 33 5k GZTC
Karly Kinner F 41 5k
Japhet Kipkoech M 27 5k
Lisa Kiser F 53 5k GZTC
Mary Klaehn F 55 5k GZTC
Robert Klein M 54 5k GZTC
Nick Klingerman M 36 5k Arizona Attorney General's Office
Melissa Kluck F 40 5k Team RWB
Ruth Kneale F 49 5k
linda knope F 62 5k GZTC
Mackenzie Knowling F 33 5k
Cindy Knowlton F 53 5k GZTC
Lindsay Kohler F 37 5k GZTC
Ken Kohler M 32 5k GZTC
Steve Kortenkamp M 50 5k
Oliver Kortenkamp M 18 5k
Eleanor Kortenkamp F 11 5k
Addison Kose F 9 5k
Emily Kose F 37 5k GZTC
Jeff Kotalik M 36 5k
Ann Kozachik F 62 5k GZTC
Roberta Krakauer F 61 5k GZTC
Andrea Kravitz F 42 5k GZTC
Lindsay Kriebel F 25 5k
Kristin Kroeger F 35 5k GZTC
Letisha Kuder F 39 5k GZTC
Theresa Kuhel F 62 5k
Nicole Kump F 34 5k
Heidi Kurgat F 33 5k GZTC
Katie Kurtin F 29 5k GZTC
Amy Kyle F 63 5k The ARK


Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown Update—8,000+ dollars of good news, but a bit of bad news

May 26, 2018

May 26 Update: Well, Tucson, you've done it!  Registration for the 2018 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown has exceeded expectations -- more than 800 have already registered, the most we've ever had -- at $10 per registant, this means that we've raised over $8,000 for the BEYOND-Tucson Foundation.  However, this means that we will probably run out of shirts and medals on race night.  Now, we'll order more TMC Meet Me Downtown Triple Crown medals and more of the "Run Tucson Gabe Zimmerman" shirts: the race shirts may be here in time for June 2nd, but we have to special order the customized medallions from far away, which means that those of you who register after May 26th may have to pick up your medal after the June 2nd race.  We'll supply more information as soon as we know a manufacturing and shipping schedule.  Thanks for helping us blow away expectations -- and thanks for your patience as we manage the new manufacturing and shipping!


Last chance to grab some Running Shop Grand Prix points before summer break . . .

May 25, 2018

The TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run is on the SAR's Running Shop Grand Prix calendar -- in fact, this is the last race before the summer break and thus the last chance to snage some extra points towards the Running Shop Grand Prix World Championship. To participate in The Running Shop SAR Grand Prix, you must be a SAR member by July 1, 2018.  You can join SAR here -- and you can click here to check out the rules and standings for the Running Shop Grand Prix.


The Southern Arizona Roadrunners is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and fitness in Tucson and Southern Arizona through running and walking.

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