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Apr 20, 2018

Register now for the Dr. Gann's Diet of Hope 10k, 5k.  Prices increase at 11:59 PM on April 21st.  You don't want to miss this Fitness Fiesta!  There's a race for everyone in the family PLUS a mariachi performance, breakfast burritos, pinatas, churros and more!  Come for the run, come for the fun!


Update Schedule for June 2 TMC Meet Me Downtown: Miles, Battle of the Badges, FitKidz, 5k Night Run

Apr 19, 2018

Saturday Night, June 2: 12th Annual TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run and Walk -- Tucson's biggest running party!  

4:00: Registration begins at Children's Museum and Armory Park

  • with jumping castles, vendor expo and other activities -- free entry to the Children's Museum 
  • pick up your Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown medallion and shirt
  • pick up your TMC Meet Me Downtown race shirt and race number

5:45 or so: Tucson's Santa Pachita begins to rock the house

6:00: Men's and Women's Mile, for all ages and abilities, including prize money and awards for the RRCA West Regional Championship  -- tutus and joggers and all are welcome!

  • Beer Garden Opens, with AmstelXlight and Dos Equis, plus White Claw Spritzer

6:15: Battle of the Badges for all first responders, civil servants, fire department, border patrol, and military, including Team RWB

6:30: FitKidz Free Mile for Children 12-and-under

7:00: TMC 5k Night Run/Walk -- for all ages and abilities, including the RRCA State 5k Championship

Ongoing: party on site, with After-Party at Hotel Congress


Sabino Canyon Sunset Run 2018 Photos Posted!

Apr 19, 2018

Visit the SAR Facebook page HERE to see some awesome photos of the event from Selena Valencia Phtoography! Also, don't forget to see other great photos on FB by visiting The Damion Alexander Team and GOATographer!

Thanks to all for another great event!

Steve Outridge

Sabino RD


SAR Member Boston Marathon Results 2018

Apr 18, 2018

Our Grand Prix results guru, Mr. Mike WIlson, has scanned the 2018 Boston Marathon results for SAR Members past and present and created a results page for them. Please check it out HERE. Thanks much, Mike!


Sabino Canyon Sunset Run 2018 - Race Recap!

Apr 15, 2018

This year’s Sabino Canyon Sunset Run fell on a wonderful weather day where we managed to miss the extremely hot weather from earlier in the week and the tremendous winds that Thursday and Friday brought to our desert community. The cooler temps and light breezes led to some really fast times.

The men’s crown was won by local standout Kurt Michels in a blistering 40:59. Second place male was Max Miller in 43:07 and third was Adam Fultz in 44:28. The overall Masters Male winner was Matthew Sheremeta in an impressive 44:50.

The fastest woman this year was Christine Schleifer from Germany in an outstanding 46:03. Second place was Morgan Boding in 49:31 and third was Aleta Jokisch in 50:29. The Master’s Champion was Anne Neuenschwander in a speedy 51:48.

Our youngest finisher was 9 year old Gabriella Belanger in a stellar time of 1:34:39. Way to go Gabriella! Our most seasoned finishers, both at 81 years of age, were Paul Robilla and Lee Joseph. Great job, guys! In fact, Paul posted an outstanding time of 1:11:47 which put him inside of the top 50% of all finishers!

A huge thank you to a large cast of volunteers without whom we wouldn’t have had an event. Our apologies to anyone we may have inadvertently left off this list. Steve and Shery Felde, Laura Marshall, Georgia Ehlers, Connie Lopez, Carolyn Audilet, Mary Young, Heather Hopkins, Kyle, Emily, and Ella Johnson, Kelly Mack, Don Taylor, Gary Parcher, Monica Bermudez, Tom Gormley, Joe Plassmann, Caroline Gardner, Raquel Cali, Austin Grover, Joe Faulk, Delaney Schnell, Clio Yasenchack, Mely Bohlman, Robin Reineke, Tim Bentley, Michelle Hawk, Diane Manzini, Martha Castillon, Myk Brown and Michael Hall.

We must also make sure to thank our incredible sponsors, Summit Hut, Performance Footwear, Proactive Physical Therapy, Donate Life Arizona, Risky Business and Papa Johns. Others to thank include the Forest Service, Friends of Sabino Canyon, Selena Valencia Photography, Damien Alexander with the Damien Alexander team from Long Realty, Kerry Whelan, the GOATographer, and a few great folks whose names I don’t know who helped us work on the issue we had trying to get our microphone working.

Until next year, keep running, and have you renewed your SAR membership?

Steve Outridge
Race Director, Sabino Canyon Sunset Run



Sabino Canyon Sunset Run results now posted!

Apr 14, 2018

Results can be found here!


2018 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown medallions announced!

Apr 14, 2018

Register online here and get all three medals!  Each of the three races has a unique coaster medallion -- sign up for the Triple Crown and ensure that you get all three medals, each with a part of Tucson's history!  Use 'em as a coaster for your favorite beverage, or hang them as a decorative reminder of your great race!


The Gauntlet 8k Trail Race results now posted!

Apr 7, 2018

You can find results here!  Thank you for coming out to the race!


April 1 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown Price Increase + list of participants + first medal

Mar 29, 2018

You can sign up online for the 2018 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown or by mailing in the form on the SAR page before the end of March for the three-race-for-one-low-price of $89.  The first medallion all GZTC registrants get is this coaster-medal.  Below is the list of participants as of March 29th -- thanks to those who have signed up!

Steve Abbott
Tess Abbott
Jule Abeytia
Callista Abeytia
Heidi Abrams
Sue Abramson
Amanda Allen
Caitlyn Allison
Alexandra Armenta
Raquel Arriola
Karil Barbieux
Ryan Bartz
Melissa Beal
Lisa Beasley
Blake Beasley
Virginia Becerra
Bill Beech
Pamala Beech
Catharine Belanger
Gabriella Belanger
Vanessa Bell
Ed Berkeley
Stephanie Bleakmore
Valerie Bloss
Denise Boek
Mickey Boston
Vicki Bozarth
Gary Brauchla
Alec Briones
Daryll Brosanders
Lisa Brown
Allison Buchanan
Moanikeala Burgos
Andrea Burk
Deanne Bush
Andrea Buttrick
Beatrice Caballero
Tommy Canez
Sherry Canez
Mylissa Carstens
Anastacio Castro
Nicole Caswell
Thomas Caylor
Erika Cervantes
Peggy Chalk
Curtis Chalk
Amber Chalk
Alexandria Chaput
Carolyn Chavez
John Claggett
Leslie Claggett
Sean Cleary
James Clubb Sr.
Lindsey Cohen
Priscilla Cooper
Lillian Cooper
Christine Cornejo-Lopez
Desiree Cristinzio
Brandie Cudney
Jesse Delaney
Christina Della Gatta
Shelley DeVere
Bruce Dodge
Charilyn Dooline
Sean Doyle
Carol Drath
Denise Ehler
Shelby Elias
Nancy Ellis
Lauren Erdelyi
Lauren Falconer
Marcella Falconer
Corbitt Farren
Joe Faulk
Alan Feddersen
Carla Felix
Gianni Ferreri
Brian Fieg
Sandra Fieg
Amber Findysz
Jennifer Floyd
Suzanne Foust
Tyler Foutch
Robyn Fowler
Brian Frost
Wyn Frost
Gregg Frostrom
Ana Fukunaga
Nancy Fuller
Heather Fuller
Armand Gahol
Ruth Galvan de Ramirez
Claudia Gary
Michelle  Gastrock
Olivia Gastrock
Jason Gastrock
Miles Gastrock
Molly Gebler
Charles Giacomarro
Gary Giese
Denise Gizinski
mona glasgow
Brigitte Gosnell
Michelle Gossen
Sarah Gotschall
Fikretta Grant
Cat Greene
Teresa Gregory
Eric Grigel
Austin Grover
Melissa Hager
Rachael Hambacher
Roxann Hansen
Suzanne Hardin
Nez Harrelson
Kyle Hartfield
Brittany Hempel
Noel Hennessey
Rogelio Hernandez
Shirley Hester
Branden Hickok
Brittany Hickok
Angel Hidalgo
Esmeralda Hidalgo
Andrea Hilden
Mya Hoeflinger
Tyson Hoekstra
Linnea Honeker
Craig Honeker
Heather Hopkins
Emily Horner
Bobby Horner
Lindsay Horton
Junie Hostetler
Robert Howard
Steve Hughes
Darin Hughes
Cheryl Hutchins
Christopher Jansmann
Paula Jansmann
Virginia Jhung
Maggie Johnson
Joni Jones
Gary Jones
Catherine Jones
Jaime Kafader
Thomas Ketchmark
Tracey Ketchmark
Himat Khalsa
Angie Khawam
Lacee Kimball
Lisa Kiser
Mary Klaehn
Cindy Knowlton
Roberta Krakauer
Andrea Kravitz
Kristin Kroeger
Katie Kurtin
Steve M La Veau Sr
Daniel Laird
Daniel Latt
Jacob Lauderdale
Pat Ledin
Kyungsook Lee
Holly Leffler
Brian LeRoy
Shelley Lipowich
Joseph Llanes
Rachel Lohrman
David Lopez
Judy Lopez
Rene Love
Rene Lozano
Victoria Luna
Gina Macaluso
Ashley Marin
Theodore Marin
Heiselle Marquez
Veronica Martinez
Laura Martinez
Amber Mathewson
Nick Mazur
Ruth McBride
Christina McCormick
Eva McDonough
James McDougall
Myla McGuire
Roxanne McHugh
Sarah McInally
Aubree McKay
Billie Meuschke
Annika Meza
Luis Meza
Marty Michelson
Patricia Miller
Andrew Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Mark Miller
Joy Mockbee
Cristina Moore
Marcia Moreno
Michael Moynihan
Debbie Moynihan
James Mulvihill
Melissa Mund
Brian Mund
Kerry Murphy
Dusty Murphy
Benham Murphy
Thomas Murray
Abigail Nastase
Cherell Nelson
Peter Nestler
Cornelia Nestler
Vanessa Nez
Jan Nordmeyer
Emily Nottingham
Natashia Novak
Walter Novak
Alba Ortiz
Venessa Ortiz
Diana Osborne
John Osborne
Steve Pangburn
Missy Paschke-Wood
Jeremiah Paschke-Wood
Stacy Peercy
Jesus Perez
Linda Petersen-Vargas
Angelina Portela
Andres Portela
Courtney Powell
Lisa Powers
Bill Prenzno
Aida Prenzno
Kelly Prevenas
Nick Prevenas
Deborah@ Ramirez
Jill Ray
Lauren Reasoner
Shea Redmond
Taylor Reed
Joseph S. Reyes
Ariana Reyna
Elizabeth Ribbeck
Janet Rico Uhrig
Michael Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez
James Rohret
Yvonne Romero
Neil Rosen
Chris Royko
Diane Ruiz
Lori Rupp
Lauren Salsbury
Chase Salsbury
Brandon Sax
Mark Schildt
Lisa Schlink
Cindy Schnell
Tonya Scott
Andrea Serrano
Dan Shaffer
Cindy Shumate
Kim Silver
Daniel Simmermon
Matthew Slanina
Christina Slater
Kelly Sloan
Alice Smith
Nichole Snyder
Anita Sobey
Amy Sorensen
Rosa Soto
Fatemma Soto-Herrera
Carolyn Sowers
Julie Sparkman
Eileen Spear
Jen Spears
Kayley Spears
Michelle Spohn
Rich Stavish
Carrie Stavish
Zachary Stubbs
Megan Studer
Jennifer Sylvia
Julie Tary
Emily Taylor
Andy Thomas
Floyd Thompson III
Samantha Thrush
Robin Timm-smith
Lori Tochihara
Mayra Valencia
Yvonne Valenzuela
Barbara Van Derlaske
Matt Van Derlaske
Frank Vargas
Noah Vaughan
Cristina Verdugo
Michele Walsh
Le Wang
George Watkins
Kim Westenskow
Sara White
Marcia White
Megan Wilber
Ryan Wilber
Debbie Williams
Thomas Williams
Doug Williams
Charles Wolgemuth
Janet Wooddancer-Fisher
Aaron Wright
Linda Wright
Denise yingst
Dana Zepke
Larry Zieminski
Cassandra Zubia


Dave’s Run For ALS 2018 - Race Recap

Mar 25, 2018

Today was a glorious mix of tradition and brand-new. We decided to return our event name back to Dave’s Run for ALS after a few years as Marana 5000. We enjoyed another fantastic morning exercising and competing together in southern Arizona while raising money to help in the fight against ALS. However, we did so at a new location, Curtis Park. We think the venue worked out quite well and we would like to thank Pima County for allowing us to have the event there. 

We also added a 10K into the mix and Dave’s Double for those slightly imbalanced folks for whom one race on one day is simply not enough. And, it was awesome.

On the men’s side our 5K winners were Kurt Michels (16:28), Sean Anderson (17:17) and David Kroeppler (17:51). For the 10K, all 3 top finishers completed Dave’s Double! Sean Anderson (35:45), Danny Huang (38:39) and David Kroeppler (39:06). The 5K master’s crown was won by   Brian Leroy (18:27) while the 10K master’s winner was Dave Dixon (39:30).

For the women Lauren Reason won the 5k (18:42), second was Tia Accetta (19:15) and third was Emily Bushouse (20:02). For the 10K, again all of the top 3 finishers completed Dave’s Double (maybe we’ve started something big here?)! The top 3 10K finishers were Lauren Reasoner (39:40) —- Yes, Lauren won both events!, Tia Accetta (41:07) and Claire Hans (46:30). The 5K master’s crown was won by Katharina Beeler (20:49) — after taking Tia Accetta out as she was second overall. The 10K master’s champion was Merry Dearmon in 46:32.

Lots of fast times on a flat a fast course on a great part of The Loop.

We also had a great time with the FitKids mile and our mascot Fitz was bested yet again by many of our speedy youngsters. I must admit that the FitKidz mile events are my favorite and bring the biggest smile to my face every time. It was great having all of the kids out there running and enjoying the morning with us.

We have many sponsors to thank including The Running Shop, Smith Performance Center, Team Woodall Long Realty and eegees. Please visit and support our sponsors and let them know how much we appreciate them!

We would also like to thank DJ Rich for handling much of the announcing and spinning the great tunes. Also many thanks to our awesome face painter Petunia the Clown, massage therapist Elizabeth Silva, Team Hoyt for bringing out their amazing athletes and for serving coffee to keep us warm, Northwest Fire and Eugene Moore with Carden of Tucson Charter School.

I’m again astounded and humbled by our many, capable, willing, selfless and skilled volunteers without whom these events would simply not happen. We may well have left some of you out of this list inadvertently but know that we truly value all you do for SAR and the southern Arizona community. Thank you to Steve and Sheryl Felde, Marti and Stephan Ackermann, Joe Faulk, Ann Hollis, Peggy Chalk, Maureen Cunningham, Dave Dixon, Steve Sheldon, Mulcogi Sing, Jeri Baker, Gary Parcher, Pam Hoyt, Michelle Hawk, Joe Plassmann, Dave Odom, Ray Hensen, Tanya, Caroline Gardner, Stephen Moore, Merry Dearmon, Noemi & Craig Mills, Denise & Chris Fall, EriK Sanders, Cliantha, Austin Grover, Diane Manzini, John Mollenhour, and Morey Brown.

We have some final calculations to do in order to determine the largest team and the winner of the eegees party due to a large number of registrations at packet pickup and on race day. Destination U! was the early favorite but we need to calculate the final numbers to see if they kept their lead! If you ran the race and aren’t sure if you successfully registered for a team please email me HERE.

Until next year, thanks so much to all!



The Southern Arizona Roadrunners is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and fitness in Tucson and Southern Arizona through running and walking.

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