Final Race Report for the TMC Meet Me Downtown Race Report for race registrants

Randy Accetta June 10, 2019

June 10th Update: Click here for the email we've sent out to participants in the TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run 

Virtual Crown, Out of Town: We have mailed all the Triple  Crown items to folks who live out of the Tucson area.

Virtual Crown Locals: if you live in town but were not be able to make it on race night, you can pick up your race shirt, teal Gabe Z shirt, and souvenir coaster medallion at The Running Shop (3055 North Campbell Ave) during the month of June.​  Please remember, all shirts are first-come, first-served on sizing, until we run out.​  We will have additional souvenir items such as hats and tank-tops for those who do not want a given remaining shirt size, etc.

Others: If you missed us race night or the three other pre-race opportunities to get your race shirt, you can go to the Running Shop at 3055 North Campbell through the end of June and pick up whatever souvenir items are left, on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Remember: please be nice to the folks at the Running Shop as they try to help you.

NOW -- WOW! Thanks to all the runners and walkers and friends and family who came out to the 13th Annual TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run and Walk last weekend!  

As you may already know, Tia and I came up with the idea for this race 13 years ago after a failed date night, when there was nothing to do in Downtown Tucson. 

Downtown was in a bit of a funk back then, so we decided to throw a running party to highlight the Fox Theater, the arts district, and the few restaurants and bars.  Well, since then a decade-plus of growth has made Downtown Tucson a hip spot to be for young and old alike, with plenty of galleries, restaurants, bars, and clubs. 

We thank you for helping our community be a better place to live -- and we're grateful to the Downtown Tucson Partnership, Rio Nuevo, Hotel Congress, the Running Shop, SAR, the RRCA, and Tucson Medical Center for being long-term partners in helping us improve Downtown. 
OK -- we will send a deeper post-race report in a few days, but below are a few quick housekeeping items.

Randy Accetta
Results can be found at the webpage of our race partner, the Southern Arizona Roadrunners: .  
If you did not yet receive your age-group award, please visit the Running Shop at 3055 North Campbell by the end of June to claim your award. All awards are given based on start-gun-time.
Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown
We are grateful for Emily Nottingham, Ross Zimmerman, and the entire Zimmerman family for allowing us to honor Gabe with this series of races. Thanks to your registrations and to funding from Tucson Medical Center, we are on track to provide over $8,000 to for local health and wellness programming.
If you signed up only for the 5k or the Mile but want to do the full three-race series the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown, you can sign up here:    
Triple Crown registration includes the teal GabeZ shirt, the MMD medal, and registration to both the September 15th TMC Tucson 10k and October 27th TMC Get Moving Half-Marathon and 5k (including race shirts and medals). Your registration will also enable us to provide an additional $10 to the BEYOND-Foundation.
Likewise, if you signed up for the Triple Crown but had to do TMC Meet Me Downtown virtually, please go to the Running Shop to get your shirt and medal.
Our long-time photo hero is Kerry Whelan, who is the best running photographer I've ever seen. His race photos can be found at . Kerry is working on thousands of photos, so give him some time and check 'em out at his FB page.
Another long-time friend of the race is Damion Alexander. Damion was the lead bike rider on the Mile Races and the 5k -- and he took some awesome photos and put 'em on his FB page here .
Check out the various photos tagged at our Run Tucson instagram here . Also, check out the various hashtags on social media: #meetmedowntown5k, #gabezimmermantriplecrown, #runSAR, and #runtucson.
We only have a few orange race shirts left, but we have extra "Run Tucson" hats and extra Gabe Z shirts, so if you did not get a shirt on race night, please take whatever works best -- and please be nice to the folks at The Running Shop. If you have any problems or are unhappy about anything, contact me at and please do not take it out on the staff at The Running Shop.
As a way of thanking you for being part of everything, please see below for discount codes to some of the upcoming races we produce.
For any race questions or future sponsorship inquiries, contact Race Director Randy Accetta

Thank you for helping us raise funds for these local organizations

Nice Words
Children's Museum: Thank you so much for the opportunity to partner again on this wonderful event. What an amazing event it was! The race was well organized and we heard great things from the 483 individuals who made use of our courtyard and the Museum. On behalf of the Museum staff, Board of Directors and all the kiddos who ran, jumped and played on Saturday night…thank you! Autumn Rentmeester, Director of Development
Educational Enrichment Foundation: Thank you so much for including us in this weekend’s event. It is always to incredible to a part of the Tucson Community coming together. We were also able to spread the word about what we are working on and learn about other folks in the community. On behalf of EEF and our TUSD students, thank you. All my best, Leslie Edwards, Executive Director

Greater Tucson Leadership: Thank you so much for supporting Greater Tucson Leadership! We had a wonderful time on Saturday night, and it was awesome to see such a great turnout supporting the 5K. Thank you for all you do for our community! Warmest regards, Kasey Hill, Executive Director

The Southern Arizona Roadrunners is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and fitness in Tucson and Southern Arizona through running and walking.

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