Notes on Dave’s Run Postponement

Tim Bentley March 18, 2012

A few notes about today’s postponement of Dave’s Run for ALS 5K:

It was an agonizing decision this morning as we weighed the pros and cons of conducting the race as scheduled.  Our motto as race directors is that we race ‘rain or shine’. Very few of us can remember a time when a race was cancelled, because we’ve all been there – running or directing a race in inclement weather.  In fact, it’s with a sense of pride that often we runners regale our friends with tales about how horrible the conditions were during a particular event.

But today it came down to a question of safety. The safety of our runners, our volunteers and those that are there to cheer is paramount to the Southern Arizona Roadrunners and our race directors.  There were three overriding factors that led to our decision:

1. We did not feel that we could maintain the safety of our runners on Silverbell Road.  We worked with the Town of Marana and the Marana Police Department for months prior to the race, developing a comprehensive safety plan including police officers, cones and barricades.  However, today’s winds were such that our cones would blow over, or into traffic.  The rain made visibility poor for drivers on Silverbell, and the roads were slick.  We were hearing reports of cars losing control on the freeway and other areas.  It was dangerous.
2. There was lightning in the area.  While it was hard to discern how close it was to our location, it was consistent enough to the north that it concerned us.
3. To a lesser degree, the Ina/Santa Cruz River Park entrance was flooded, slick and in some parts, impassable.

If the race had just been in the park, or completely on the Santa Cruz River Path, we could have run the race.  It would have been wet and muddy, providing an opportunity to brag to your friends about your stamina and fortitude.  But our concerns about running under poor traffic conditions led us to err on the side of caution and safety.

Your feedback on today’s cancellation has been positive and we hope our participants understand the reasoning.  That being said, we are considering moving the race to a later date.

We need to reach out to the Town of Marana, Marana Parks and the Marana Police Department to evaluate available dates.  We also would like to be respectful to our participants that have race plans and not schedule against other popular races.

Please know that we are looking to reschedule as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your continuing support of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners and the Jim Himelic Foundation for ALS.

Tim Bentley & Steve Outridge
Race Directors – Dave’s Run for ALS 5K

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