Oracle Run 2011 Race Report - by Darrell Klesch

Diane Manzini November 8, 2011

Craig Curley ran the 29th Annual Oracle Run as if zombies were chasing him (fast zombies)!  Craig claimed the Overall Mens Championship smashing his own Oracle Run record by 15 seconds, sprinting the entire challenging 10K in an incredible 32:48.  Craig says he loves this course and had to bargain with his coach, Greg Wenneborg, to even race Oracle for a new record.  So…he warmed up by knocking out 11 miles, set the new record with a 5:16 pace, and then assisted Greg at the finish line. SCARY!

Twenty-two year old Katie Williams was apparently not afraid of any Halloween goblins lurking in the Oracle boulder formations…or the Oracle hills…as she blazed in with a time of 39:50.  Katie claimed the Overall Womens Championship, finishing ahead of six-time Oracle Run Champ, Paula Morrison, who was all smiles with her 41:22 clocking.  Paula, 38, said she stayed with Katie for the first three miles and was happy with her finish as she continues her comeback.  Polly Campbell, 44, finished next to Paula and was the third woman overall.  Polly’s time also won her the Female Master’s Championship.  Benito Gonzalez, 55, garnered the Male Masters Championship with a 6:48 pace finishing in 42:16.  Richard Senti was close on Benito’s heels and won the male Seniors division (60+); his time 46:25. Judie Shyman brought home her second straight female Seniors award with a time of 61:27.

The Oracle Historical Society, sponsor of the 29th Annual Run, thanks all the participants, both runners and volunteers, for making this fundraiser another successful, fun, healthy, happening. The Oracle Run has again been designated as a 2012 SAR Grand Prix Race. See you next October for the 30th Annual Oracle Run!!!

Pre-Race Starting Line Rap
Hey there-hi there-ho there…
On behalf of the Oracle Historical Society, we welcome you to Oracle and the SAR Grand Prix Oracle Run.
We think its fine-its divine-its mighty fine you all are lined up here at the starting line of Oracle Run number Twenty-nine!
Yah, it’s the 29th day and our 29th anniversary, and we’ve run it all without much adversity…
...except for those Hills!!! Those Hills are nothing to pooh pooh…but once you get back to the finish line,
you’ll be yelling Woo Hoo!!!
We runners run for our life; we hope it will help save us.
Hence the (t-shirt) art-work, “running against death,” by Oracles’ own Turner Davis.
One thing I must mention to you jogging folks, you will be running through manzanita, boulders and oaks.
And if you listen closely, you might hear a twitter, coming from our own Oracle critters.
So go out and be safe…have some fun…are you ready for the Oracle Run?
Well…“let’s get ‘er done!!”

THANKS. Darrell Klesch, Race Director

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