Thank you to volunteers for TMC Meet Me Downtown

Randy Accetta June 10, 2019

Tia and I are overwhelmed by the community support for the TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run.  I am sure we’ve missed folks who helped, but here’s a partial list of those who helped at packet pickup and on race night.  We cannot do it without help and we’re eternally grateful for such a great running community!  Thank you!  --Randy Accetta


Workout Group: Thanks to all the runners who run with us at The Workout Group for all the pre-race advice, all the set-up, all the race day chipping-in, and all the late-night clean up.

TriGirls and friends: Thanks to the Tucson Tri-Girls for handling the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown tent on race night

Southwest Endurance Training: Thanks to the gang from SWET for handling the finish line water stop.

Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists: Thanks to SDMB for handling the Beer Garden.

SAR Board: Thanks to Diane, Greg, Dave, Heather, Caroline, Steve, and Sheryl for all the race day help.  Thanks to SAR Office Manager Lucas Tyler and to the full Board for all the pre-race communications and preparation help.

Educational Enrichment Foundation: Thanks to all the volunteers from EEF for handling the 2-mile water station.

Greater Tucson Leadership: Thanks to GTL’s leadership class of 2019 for handling the water stop near the 5-Points band!

Running Shop: Thanks to Sharon Bart from the Running Shop, and to Lucas, Geoff, Dan and the rest of the gang from the Running Shop for helping with packet pickup before the race and all the post-race follow-up.

The Whelan Clan: Special thanks to Linda Whelan for all of her pre-and post-race planning help and her race day efforts, and to Kerry Whelan for his amazing photographs.  It's a lot of work to catalogue a race like this -- we're grateful to Kerry for his time and skill!

The Damion Alexander Team: Thanks to Damion for being the lead bike rider on the race course.

Rayleigh Thompson Instability: Thanks to the band members of RTI for volunteering their rock and roll services on race night at the EEF water station.

Rock n' Roll: Thanks to the band members of AFTER 7 and Parties with Townies for rockin' out with us on race night!

Tucson Medical Center: Thanks to Amy and the gang from TMC for helping with race day and preparations.

Thanks to all the folks who pitched in on a hot day and hot night!  If we missed you, let us know and we'll add you to the list!

Marti Ackermann
Damion Alexander

Autumn Ball
 Tim Bentley
 Mary Black
 Maureen Cunningham
 Craig Dabler
 Merry Dearmond
 Dave Dixon
 William Dobbs
 Janell Farlee
 Joe Faulk
 Sheryl Felde
 Steve Felde
 Kristin Fitzmorris
 Caroline Gardner
 Gary Giese
 Denise Gizinski
 Austin Grover
 Kailee Grover
 Michelle Hawk
 Rachel Hilgeford
 Bill Hill
 Kasey Hill
 Janet Holland
 Heather Hopkins
 Susan Johansen
 Jaime Kafader
 Betsy Kanto
 Justine Kanuho
 Veikki Keatr
 Heidi Kurgat
 Raymond Langlais
 Connie Lopez
 Austin Lushinski
 Kelly Mack
 Diane Manzini
 Bob Marshall
 Erin McGinnis
 Craig Mills
 Noemi Mills
 Neil Momsen
 Steve Moore
 Vanessa Nez
 Kimberlee O’Cain
 Manny Ochoa
Steve Outridge
Linda Pansing
Andrew Peck
Joanie Rogucki

 Erik Sanders

 Cindy Schnell
Andrea Smith
Ginny Stasinski
Igor Suarez
Don Taylor
Jennifer Tellers
Caitlin Vogelsberg
Jennifer Weiser
Linda Whelan

Kerry Whelan
Sandy White

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