Results / TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Run/Walk and Festival of Miles / 2020 Results

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Self reported results are below.  If you have questions, please contact race timer Greg Wenneborg at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Virtual 5k Overall Results - Self Reported

Meet Me Downtown 5k and FitKidz Mile 2020
Virtual (Self Reported) Results
Overall Results
Name                          Age Event Team Name               Time          Where did you run                   What do you miss the most about in-pe
Abbott, David                 59  5K                            24:45:00      Road/trail combo                    Adreniline
Abbott, Steve                 50  5K                            54:06:00      Road                                Nothing
Abbott, Tess                  51  5K                            54:06:00      Road
Ackerman, Russell             37  5K                            35:41:00      Trail                               Peer pressure:)
Ackermann, Marti              50  5K                            26:59:00      Road                                The energy of the participants and th
Acuna, Carolina               40  5K                            36:35:00      Road                                Everything
Adams, Cecilia                60  5K                            38:51:00      Road                                The finish line
Addis, Ilana                  49  5K                            32:34:00      Road                                seeing all my running friends
Addison, Dolores              41  5K                            34:47:00      Road                                Everyone’s joy!
Admire, Brittany              34  5K                            26:35:00      Road                                Running with all the other racers!
Aley, Payan                   35  5K                            29:32:00      Road                                This was my first MMD5k. I was lookin
Alhaddad, Woody               47  5K                            29:52:00      Road                                Getting to see and encourage other pa
Anderson, Andrew              32  5K                            102:13:00     Trail                               Festivities and socializing afterward
Arendt, Bob                   61  5K                            31:58:00      Road                                Competing with friends, the festival
Arnold, Dawn                  66  5K                            33:00:00      Road                                The fun of being with a group of stra
Atilano, Joe                  49  5K                            25:55:00      Road                                The post run beer.
Baker, Zachary                30  5K                            26:10:00      Treadmill                           The Camaraderie
Baker, Caysie                 37  5K                            38:02:00      The Loop
Ball, Autumn                  40  5K    SWET                    45:10:00      Trail                               Seeing all the running groups in town
Barnhart, Lauren              36  5K                            28:16:00      Road                                The inner goals I usually set for wit
Bartmas, Ashley               29  5K                            28:08:00      Treadmill                           Competition and support!
Bauer, Katherine              66  5K                            45:26:00      Road                                Comradeship
Baylor, Jedidiah              38  5K                            31:02:00      Road                                Commodore.
Beal, Ginny                   70  5K                            1:50:00       Trail                               Getting out with community
Beal, Tom                     69  5K                            1:50:00       Trail                               Being with people
Begley, Valerie               72  5K                            41:11:00      Trail                               The excitement of the race
belanger, Catharine           43  5K                            54:02:00      Road                                The start, the music, the people
Belanger, Grace               7   5K                            54:02:00      Road
Belanger, Gabriella           11  5K                            47:03:00      Road
Belanger, Marc                49  5K                            47:03:00      Road
Belone, Kristy                42  5K                            39:10:00      Road                                Competition to improve my time
Bergner, Lina                 40  5K                            72:23:00      Treadmill                           Trying to keep pace with the groups
Bienkowski, Marie             61  5K    SWET                    39:03:00      Road                                Cheering crowds and porta-potties!
Black, Mary                   67  5K                            23:46         Road                                The people!
Black, Debbie                 57  5K                            47:12:00      Road                                For this race, being sprayed with gar
Blomstrand, Carol                 5K    TOTALLY TUCSON          62:10:00      Trail                               Friends running with me.
Blumberg, Dana                61  5K                            35:40:00      Road                                The motivation and excitement of bein
Boice, Jeanieann              44  5K                            35:28:00      Road                                The excitement!
Brauchla, Gary                75  5K    TMC                     42:31:00      Road                                Competition
Buksh, Rebecca                37  5K    More than a crown       29:30:00      Trail                               Atmosphere
Buksh, Sahib                  41  5K    More than a crown       25:35:00      Trail                               People, atmosphere
Bulisache, Michelle           27  5K                            36:45:00      Beach                               The atmosphere and positive energy. I
Burks, John                   59  5K                            32:52:00      Road                                The atmosphere and energy of all the
Burks, Sharon                 60  5K                            48:47:00      Road
Bush, Deanne                  54  5K                            34:31:00      Road                                The community support of the barrio
Callihan, Kim                 59  5K                            24:39:00      Road                                Camaraderie of like minded people! It
Canalez, Laura                    5K    PCAPD                   25:57:00      Road                                Having fun with others
Carroll, Michael              57  5K                            27:44:00      Trail                               The Beer
Carter, Amanda                34  5K                            34:35:00      Road                                Experience of it all on race day!
Carter, Amanda                34  5K                            34:35:00      Road                                Experience of it all on race day!
Castillo, Frank               59  5K                            32:34:00      Road                                Feel challenged to do better than whe
Castillo, Christi             36  5K                            30:29:00      Road                                The neighborhood water hoses cooling
Castro, Aida                  46  5K                            31:46:00      River path                          The adrenaline from the crowd
Chavez, Melissa               33  5K                            33:06:00      Trail                               The group gathering, cheers, environm
Chavez, Jose                  36  5K                            36:56:00      Road                                Th whole event.
Chen, Mady                    29  5K                            40:43:00      Trail                               This was going to be my first one! I
Chico, Isaac                  38  5K                            29:29:00      Road                                The joy of running with other people.
Chilson, Dustin               32  5K                            26:19:00      Trail                               Being with all the different people.
Collins, Elizabeth            32  5K                            32:05:00      Road                                The fun crowd
Collins, Matthew              32  5K                            32:05:00      Road                                Atmosphere
Collins, Evanne               30  5K                            37:08:00      Road                                The community
Conger, Wendy                 54  5K                            40:00:00      Road                                being around others
Conrath, Robert               32  5K                            21:39         Road                                The camaraderie and motiviation
Conway, Judityh               63  5K                            45:00:00      Road                                The pre-race margarita my friend and
Conyer, Lisa                  36  5K                            28:06:00      Road                                Camraderie
COOK, ROB                     55  5K                            32:18:00      Road                                I don't miss much of anything, I am s
Cope, Thom                    72  5K                            53:14:00      Road                                The adrenaline push to go faster
Coppolo, Dominic              66  5K                            27:07:00      Trail                               Being with a group of fun participant
Corless, James                34  5K                            24:38:00      Road                                Environment of united athletes
Corless, Heather              33  5K                            35:42:00      Trail                               The energy from the other runners and
Corral, Suzanne               54  5K                            58:28:00      Trail                               Running with the community
Cortina, Darlene              47  5K    The Fairy Dusters       30:50:00      Road                                The camaraderie
Cox, Susanne                  55  5K    Heads Up!               53:17:00      Trail                               The energy that comes being with a bi
Crawford, Guy                 66  5K                            32:08:00      Road
Creasy, Kelly                 41  5K                            29:32:00      Road                                The energy of all the people running.
Criado, Mary                  25  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona Famili36:19:00      Bike Path                           The Vendors
Cronin, Kelsea                26  5K                            27:42:00      Road                                Getting to run with a great group of
Crusa, Sandra                 30  5K    The Workout Group       24:07:00      Road                                I miss the community feel for this ra
Curtis, Janice                45  5K                            1:08:00       Treadmill                           seeing my friends
Cuslidge, Caitlin             30  5K                            32:07:00      Road                                Cheering crowds, high fives
D'Alonzo, Joan                60  5K                            23:55         Road                                Hanging out with people!
Dahlberg, Sondra              47  5K                            30:44:00      Road                                The atmosphere.
Dane, Jennifer                32  5K                            64:00:00      Trail                               The community aspect of the race and
Darling, Linden               57  5K                            23:10         Road                                The butterflies in my stomach before
Davis, Judy                   65  5K                            47:02:00      The Loop                            The celebratory feeling of running wi
De Leon, Monica               55  5K                            34:47:00      Combo trail/park                    People, prizes, motivation
de Masi, Chloe                29  5K                            56:31:00      Road                                The cheering and group comradery and
DeAlto, Michael               28  5K                            21:00         Road                                The COMMUNITY
del Bosque, Raul              34  5K                            19:51         Road                                Running with people
Delaney, Jesse                46  5K                            31:50:00      Road                                the camaraderie
Delaney, Zachary              39  5K                            31:49:00      Road                                The event itself and actually competi
Delgado, Jose                 36  5K    Gym 244 Flight Club     17:43         Road                                The sense of community, camaraderie a
Delgado, Ehz                  41  5K                            32:51:00      Perimeter of my work compound.      The companionship.
Della Gatta, Christina        54  5K                            35:41:00      Trail                               The whole "event" feeling of it, the
Deloria, Laura                40  5K                            34:53:00      Road                                Camaraderie & atmosphere!
DeVere, Shelley               45  5K    Andrew Anderson         33:48:00      Road                                The aid stations!
Donavant, Julia               57  5K                            40:09:00      Road                                The excitement and motivation of the
Donohue, Carolyn              34  5K    The Fairy Dusters       31:41:00      Road                                The energy!
Donovan, Melissa              47  5K                            31:36:00      Trail                               running with a thousand people, food
Dujmic, Vera                  37  5K                            39:10:00      Trail                               The energy of the crowd
Dujmic, Zeljko                37  5K                            28:29:00      Road
Dunlop, Tiffany               54  5K                            33:57:00      Road                                The atmosphere
Duran, Lisa                   47  5K                            26:39:00      Path                                Community
Edelbrock, Thomas             31  5K                            33:27:00      Road                                Never done one - looking forward to r
Eggebeen, Rachael             39  5K                            50:27:00      Road                                Seeing friends
Ehlers, Georgia               71  5K                            53:21:00      Trail                               Listening to Randy's narration! Serio
Emmert, Paul                  62  5K                            33:05:00      Road                                The camaraderie of the running commun
Espindola, Melissa            26  5K                            28:05:00      Road                                Music, the water hose
Espinoza, Serene              37  5K                            30:52:00      Road                                Running with others and celebrating a
Estrada, Jennifer             43  5K                            41:07:00      Road                                Community
Evenson, Andrea               41  5K                            44:35:00      River path                          The people in the neighborhoods spray
Evertsbusch, Carl             73  5K                            60:00:00      Road                                The crowd
Fait, Adrian                  26  5K    TMC                     37:27:00      Trail                               The support!
Fall, Denise                  58  5K                            44:19:00      Road                                The encouragement .
Ferrari, Tina                 34  5K                            42:30:00      Road and treadmill - depending on whThe inspiration of runners better tha
Findysz, Amber                30  5K                            36:35:00      Road                                Camaraderie
Fisher, Danine                36  5K                            26:59:00      Road                                The energy
Fitzharris, Kristin           35  5K                            26:01:00      Track                               Running and competing together. There
FitzPatrick, Ryan             35  5K                            30:04:00      Road                                The spirit of camaraderie in running
Flannery, Dale                59  5K                            56:38:00      Road                                The excitement of being downtown with
Foust, Suzanne                54  5K                            35:27:00      Road                                Especially this race, the crowd cheer
Fowler, Robyn                 57  5K                            37:35:00      The Loop                            Competitive motivation and they are f
Frostrom, Gregg               45  5K                            35:22:00      Road                                The shared experience. It's great to
Fuller, Heather               43  5K                            50:06:00      Trail                               The interaction and booths
Fuller, Adam                  52  5K                            1:22:30       Trail                               Motivation by having people around me
Gaidelis, Juris               66  5K                            29:20:00      Road                                Thank you for the opportunity to part
Galvan, Rebecca               38  5K                            35:23:00      Trail                               I miss running with others because th
Garcia, Caroline              58  5K                            31:58:00      Road                                Being with people!
Gardiner, Caroline            60  5K                            01:02.5       Ran in the pool!                    Talking about the race after the race
Gardner, Katie                40  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       41:06:00      Road                                The people!
Gary, Claudia                 77  5K    Better Than Ever        1:28:14       Road                                My walking partner!
Gastelum, Mario               46  5K                            27:18:00      Trail                               The energy of being around other peop
Gastelum, Melody              40  5K                            41:13:00      Road                                The whole concept!! The lining up, pe
Germosen, Tenisha             31  5K                            30:28:00      Trail                               the food at the finish line
Geweke, Stephanie             31  5K                            34:10:00      Road                                being encouraged and cheering for all
Gilbert, Alicia               45  5K                            37:48:00      Treadmill                           The support of running with other peo
Glover, Tanya                 69  5K                            30:25:00      Road                                Cheering everyone on!
Golden, Pam                   65  5K                            24:00:00      road and trail within a longer run  community of other runners and Randy'
Gormley, Billir               43  5K                            34:30:00      Road                                My friends and the way a crowd pushes
Graeme, Lisa                  56  5K                            35:41:00      Road                                People! Competition! Energy of events
Graham, McKenna               26  5K    The Workout Group       25:22:00      Road                                Competing with friends and post run b
Granados, Lisa                40  5K                            39:46:00      Trail                               The energy that I feel while running
Greaber, Joey                 27  5K                            41:15:00      Road                                Not sure! This would have been my fir
Green, Lori                   56  5K                            39:58:00      The Loop                            My running friends
grigel, eric                  39  5K                            27:04:00      Track                               Childrens Museum
Guy, Martina                  38  5K                            32:01:00      Road                                Atmosphere, energy, people, and Tucso
Hall, jenny                   37  5K    team hoyt arizona                     Road                                Everything.
hall, steven                  47  5K    team hoyt arizona       28:47:00      Road                                the people

Hansen, Ray                   39  5K                            27:13:00      Road                                The overall experience!
Hansen, Roxann                51  5K                            27:38:00      Road                                All of the people!
Hanson, Stephanie             32  5K                            1:11:30       Park                                The energy and friendship
Hanson, Cassandra             35  5K                            60:04:00      Trail                               friendly competition, meeting new peo
Hartfield, Kyle               34  5K                            35:16:00      Road
Hastings, Rhiannon            43  5K    Rat Catchers            26:55:00      Road                                People
Hattan, David                 67  5K                            30:06:00      Road                                The excitement created by a group of
Heard, Ryan                   37  5K                            24:47:00      Reid park                           The people, ??
Heras, Alberto                27  5K                            24:44:00      Road                                Crossing the finish line
Hertzog, John                 43  5K                            32:40:00      Road                                The festival atmosphere and mingling
Hester, Shirley               77  5K                            63:30:00      Road
Higgins, Lauren               29  5K                            34:31:00      Road                                sense of community
Holland, Janet                60  5K                            23:22         Road                                Catching up with my friends
Horner, Emily                 39  5K    Running on Iced Coffee  30:35:00      Road                                Post race beer!
Horner, Bobby                 46  5K                            32:21:00      Road                                Post race beer!
Hostetler, Junie              69  5K                            47:20:00      Road                                The excitement and energy of the peop
Howard, Robert                62  5K                            31:04:00      Trail                               Seeing friends
Howlett, Iris                     5K                            58:46:00      Road
Howlett, Isela                34  5K                            37:39:00      Road                                Socialization with my team and fellow
Hunt, Ginger                  45  5K                            28:05:00      Road                                The encouragement from the crowd.
Hunt, D'Ann                   63  5K                            54:46:00      Trail                               The finish line festivities!
Hunter, Scott                 53  5K    SWET                    32:30:00      Road                                Finish Line Celebration
Hustad, Jeff                  68  5K                            42:33:00      Trail                               The sense of it being an event in one
Hykes, Steven                 39  5K                            22:57         The bike loop                       Having others push you during the rac
Iiams, Elaine                 43  5K                            41;47         Road                                The electric atmosphere, the people,
Iiams, Paul                   44  5K                            41:47:00      Road                                The people and the sights.
Insley, Fonda                 59  5K                            49:24:00      the loop                            safety, water and snack stations, see
Isaac, Kimberly               43  5K                            28:52:00      Road                                The energy and encouragement of runni
Isaac, Joe                    42  5K                            29:07:00      Road                                Pacing myself against other people
Itzel, Valencia-Gallegos      23  5K                            26:27:00      Road                                The adrenaline you get running agains
Janik, Peggy                  62  5K                            28:08:00      Loop                                The people!!
Jansmann, Chris               48  5K                            31:02:00      Road                                Seeing everyone! Running through a pa
Jansmann, Paula               67  5K                            41:40:00      Road                                The camaraderie of running with other
Jarvis, Chip                  60  5K                            42:48:00      Trail and road mix at Sabino Canyon Meeting new people
Jeffries, Michelle            51  5K                            64:34:00      Trail                               All booths, people, just fun of all o
Jensen, Christie              52  5K                            35:34:00      Road                                The crowd motivation
Jones, Catherine              46  5K                            51:30:00      Road                                Running with a lot of people is inspi
Jones, Estacia                28  5K                            28:18:00      Treadmill                           The competition and energy
Kaletsch, Tanja               53  5K    SWET                    40:35:00      Road                                The excitement of the in-person event
Kanae, Moanikeala             33  5K                            33:17:00      Road                                All the camaraderie and being sprayed
Kanary, Nicole                37  5K    TEAM HOYT ARIZONA       38:29:00      Road                                Seeing our running family and hearing
Kanary, Devyn                 8   5K    TEAM HOYT ARIZONA       38:29:00      Road                                I missed seeing and running with my T
Kanuho, Justine               30  5K    The Workout Group       25:08:00      Road                                The events after and watching others
Keller, Karen                 53  5K                            33:44:00      Road                                The vibe of the community, getting sp
Kiekens, Kelli                27  5K                            27:31:00      Rillito river path (the loop)       The motivation and encouragement of t
King, Steve                   49  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       28:08:00      Road                                Not cheering others on
King, Lucas                   13  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       28:07:00      Road                                Music and cheering
Kinnunen, Joel                54  5K                            18:39         Road                                Suffering with my friends
Kloth, Christopher            27  5K                            45:46:00      Road
Kozachik, Ann                 64  5K                            46:45:00      Road
Kuhns, Nichole                46  5K                            44:35:00      River path                          camaraderie, vendor booths, and the b
Kurowski, Catherine           65  5K                            36:18:00      Road                                Race excitement

LaCombe, Whitney              33  5K                            26:12:00      Road                                The atmosphere. And all the people st
Langham, Catherine            52  5K    Meet Me Athletes!       33:12:00      The loop!                           Beer garden at the finish line! :(
Langham, Chris                52  5K    Meet Me Athletes!       36:57:00      The Loop                            Randy's jokes!
Langham, Emerson              18  5K    Meet Me Athletes!       36:13:00      The Loop                            Everyone we know!
Langley, Shanna               30  5K                            27:08:00      Trail                               Competition, friends and fast times :
Langley, Derek                36  5K                            25:22:00      Trail                               The atmosphere of a race
Lapham, Rose                  66  5K                            55:00:00      Trail                               Being with other people and sharing i
LaPointe, Stacie              44  5K                            36:55:00      Road                                The finish line with people cheering.
LaPointe, Jamie               42  5K                            23:50         Road                                the adrenalin of running with other r
Larson, Tiffany               37  5K                            31:36:00      Trail                               Passing people
Lawrence, Mary                64  5K                            57:29:00      River trail                         The people and the energy of the run
Lawrence, Jennifer            57  5K                            57:43:00      Road                                The people! Being with friend.
Layman, Tamaki                42  5K                            23:49         Road                                Nervous energy, camaraderie
Lebario, Gloria               63  5K                            51:43:00      Road                                The community, pacing myself with oth
Ledin, Pat                    61  5K                            32:10:00      Road
Levengood, Briana             15  5K                            23:56         Road
Linderman, Megan              27  5K                            24:41:00      The Infamous Bike Loop!!            The camaraderie smile
Lipowich, Shelley             81  5K                            110:30:00     My Street...up and down.            Walking WITH my Walking Partner: Clau
Lipsy, Laurita                66  5K                            45:53:00      Road                                Being with all our fellow runners and
lipsy, robert                 68  5K                            55:06:00      Udall track                         Participating with and seeing friends
Long, Michaela                33  5K    Running on Iced Coffee  29:43:00      Road                                Traffic control

LOPEZ, DAVID Mario            62  5K                            33:06:00      Little Walnut Trail Silver City NM  The Energy.
Lopez, Rosy                   40  5K                            49:11:00      Trail                               The start/finish line full of people.
Lopez, Connie                 70  5K    The Workout Group       42:45:00      Road                                The fellow participants
Lowell, Marla                 69  5K                            45:55:28      Road                                No crowd spirit
Lubis, Billie                 27  5K                                          Road
Macaluso, Gina (Jane)         58  5K                            38:29:00      Road                                The energy of other runner/walkers!
Maestas, Tammy                45  5K                            36:21:00      Riverwalk                           Crossing the finish line and earning
Magargee, Shuryl              56  5K                            55:17:00      Trail                               The atmosphere
Maiuri, Kevin                 31  5K                            65:00:00      Road                                The camaraderie
Maiuri, Fran                  68  5K                            33:56:00      Combination road and trail          For this race the neighbors spraying
Marbry, Jon                   58  5K                            28:37:00      Treadmill
Mariana, Kerina               37  5K                            31:36:00      Trail                               The swag!
Mariscal, Nicole              49  5K                            22:56         Road                                I miss EVERYTHING!! Virtual races wil
Marshall, Laura               36  5K                            29:39:00      1.3 miles trail, 1.8 miles road     Cheering for everyone!
Marshall, Bob                 64  5K                            33:01:00      Trail                               Going for ice cream afterwards
Martin, Anna                  30  5K    The Workout Group       28:17:00      Road                                The feeling of competition! And high
Martin, Rachel                36  5K                            28:11:00      Road                                Running next to people that help me p
Martinez, David               30  5K                            27:29:00      Road                                free beer after the race
martinez, kayla               29  5K                            37:04:00      Road                                free beer after the race
Maslyn, Kelle                 53  5K                            36:41:00      Road                                The high fives!
Mathewson, Amber              54  5K                            50:00:00      Road                                I really miss the people and this rac
Maynard, Harold               53  5K                            32:45:00      Treadmill                           The energy from the crowd.
Mazik, Linda                  70  5K    Meet Me Athletes        77:00:00      Trail                               Hanging out with friends
McCormick, Christina          29  5K                            30:10:00      Road                                The energy of running with a large gr
McDaniel, Rylan               15  5K    team hoyt arizona       28:47:00      Road                                seeing everyone
McDonough, Eva                53  5K                            58:29:00      Road                                See all the different people out part
McDougall, James (Jim)        60  5K                            60:22:00      Road                                Being there with all the other people
McGaheran, Brian              35  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona Famili35:37:00      Bike Path                           Passing others.
McGaheran, Skylar             15  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona Famili35:36:00      Bike Path                           Passing Others
McGaheran, Bailey             12  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona Famili36:18:00      Bike Path                           The coffee / food tables.
Mcginn, Sarah                 39  5K                            26:41:00      Road                                the excitement at the start and the o
McGuckin, Megan               25  5K                            29:29:00      Road                                The sense of competition
McGuire, Anita                46  5K                            24:16:00      Road                                The cheering and competition with oth
McMahon, Darby                42  5K                            35:20:00      Road                                The live music and cool course throug
McNey, Eric                   42  5K    Team Gumption           29:47:00      Track                               Being with people. Hugging.
McRae, Melissa                30  5K                            30:54:00      Road                                The competition!
McRae, Colin                  25  5K                            30:54:00      Road                                Racing people
Medina, Annemarie             61  5K                            45:53:00      Trail                               Being together with my friends and th
Mensack, Meghan               41  5K                            29:44:00      Road                                The group energy.
Meuschke, Billie              47  5K                            29:02:00      Loop path                           The people
Michelson, Marty              73  5K                            36:39:00      Road                                Social interaction with other runners
Miller, Karen                 57  5K                            1:22:30       Trail                               All the other people.
Mills, Noemi                  36  5K    The Workout Group       37:27:00      Trail                               Hanging out with my team after the ra
Mills, Craig                  36  5K    The Workout Group       21:41         Road                                I miss the smiling faces before and a
minjarez, ramona              38  5K                            39:09:00      Road                                interaction with other runners and th
Monroe, Barb                  69  5K                            40:51:00      Road                                People!
Monson, Ander                 45  5K                            23:52         Road                                community & adrenaline!
Monteros, Maria               50  5K                            68:50:00      Trail                               Being Downtown
Moore, Karla                  53  5K                            45:17:00      Road                                Being around a supportive group of pe
Moore, Cristina               50  5K                            36:40:00      The loop at Swan                    Running community, races
Moran, Jesse                  29  5K    Probation               23:54         The Loop                            The people!
Mosley, Caroline              30  5K    The Workout Group       18:59         Road                                cheering on other people!
Moynihan, Debbie              63  5K                            41:15:00      River/Walk Trail                    Being in a large group of like-minded
Moynihan, Michael             66  5K                            41:15:00      River/Walk Trail                    Miss the communal sense of endeavor &
Muccianti, Christine          27  5K                            34:16:00      Road                                Motivation to keep training
Mueller, Barbara              42  5K                            43:01:00      Treadmill                           The energy
Mullen, Jennifer              47  5K                            45:24:00      The Loop                            The energy from the others runners.
Munger, Jessica               39  5K                            51:02:00      Road                                This event - its my fav out of the 3

Nastase, Abby                 32  5K    The Workout Group       21:30         Road                                The energy on the course with all the
Neighbors, Amie               44  5K                            29:22:00      Road                                The camaraderie and being motivated b
Neighbors, Mike               53  5K                            30:54:00      Road                                Everything!
Nelson, Carrie                30  5K                            37:43:00      Road                                Community energy!
Nido, Clarisa                 40  5K                            27:27:00      Trail                               The great camaraderie between runners
Nordmeyer, Jan                67  5K                            44:36:00      The Loop                            Seeing my running friends!
Novak, Natashia               32  5K                            35:44:00      Road                                Being with the community, cheering ea
Novak, Walter                 34  5K                            30:14:00      Road                                Friends
O’Dowd, Sam                   13  5K                            25:54:00      Road                                running with my awesome mom
Ochart, Midge                 73  5K    Meet Me Athletes        56:38:00      Road                                The camaraderie of others,The First R
Ochoa, Angel                  32  5K                            19:36         Road                                Waking up at 5am
Ortiz, Venessa                42  5K                            50:06:00      Trail                               The actvites and booths
Ossandon, Nico                14  5K    Team Hoyt AZ            38:37:00      Road                                Socializing and getting together with
Ossandon, Coni                44  5K    Team Hoyt AZ            38:37:00      Road                                Getting together and seeing every
OToole, Michael               60  5K                            30:20:00      Road                                Taking a weekend trip from Phoenix to
Padilla, Liz                  41  5K                            39:14:00      Road                                All the supporters and the activities
Pattison, Georgia                 5K    The Workout Group       28:47:00      Road - in California!               Being with my running family
Payan, Arturo                 35  5K                            23:09         Road                                The esprit de corps from the runners
Peggy, Gribbins               38  5K                            38:35:00      Road                                That’s feeling you get when you cross
Perez, Jesus                  37  5K                            27:54:00      Road                                The People
Perry, Leah                   40  5K    Running off our tab     45:54:00      Road
Perry, Jay                    40  5K    Running our tab off     21:00         Road
Petersen-Vargas, Linda        63  5K                            49:58:00      Sabino Canyon                       Meeting up with our friends
Peterson, Bart                55  5K                            29:03:00      Road                                I miss the.people and the competition
Peterson, Jennifer            38  5K                            22:51         Trail
Phillips, Katherine           39  5K                            19:40         Road                                Racing with people
Phillips, Allan               41  5K    The Workout Group       17:57         Road                                Competition, crowd support
Plassmann, Joe                55  5K    The Workout Group       27:07:00      Road                                The beer garden!
Polsky, Abigail               24  5K                            23:47         Road                                The start line adrenaline!
Ponce, Michael                41  5K                            30:52:00      Road                                Crowds and activities afterwards
Pope, Elizabeth               37  5K                            26:30:00      Road                                feeling like a part of the community
Prevenas, Kelly               36  5K                            26:08:00      track                               Connecting with other community membe
Prevenas, Nick                38  5K                            22:17         track                               Having our kids feel like they're par
Prewitt, Katherine            44  5K    St. Mary's Rehab        28:30:00      Road                                Comraderie, excitement, motivation
Quijada, Brittany Fernanda    26  5K                            40:00:00      Trail                               I was odd to do a Meet Me Downtown an

Ramirez, Jane                 35  5K                            32:08:00      Road                                The excitement and camaraderie
Ramsey, Amy                   43  5K    TMC                     26:06:00      Road                                the push you get from the crowd, and
renger, jirina                40  5K                            34:00:00      Road
Resnick, Erin                 46  5K                            37:00:00      Road                                The people
Restaino, Gary                52  5K    AGO                     20:45         Road                                Attagirls and attaboys from other run
Rios, Rosemary                7   5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       67:24:00      Rose was pulled in her wagon in her Rose being able to feel included in t
Rios, Ruben                   43  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       67:24:00      Pulled athlete in wagon in our back The inclusion of assisted athletes.
Rios, Evelyn                  33  5K                            37:42:00      Jacobs Park                         Energy of the people
ROBLES, PETE                  58  5K                            52:18:00      The loop between columbus and craycrThe feeling of being part of a group
Rodda, Jane                   61  5K                            42:01:00      Road                                Community
Rodriguez, Amanda             42  5K                            38:16:00      Trail                               Excitement from the crowd
Rodriguez, Sergio             45  5K                            38:16:00      Trail                               Excitement from the crowd
Rogucki, Joanie               66  5K    TTG Purple Fire         35:59:00      Road                                Everything...however today Monica Ber
Romano, Don                   77  5K                            41:45:00      Road                                Being swept along with the crowd
Romero, Ariella               44  5K                            39:53:00      Treadmill                           Crowd
Roper, Ana                    30  5K                            39:06:00      Road                                The energy of race day.
Runner, Swet                  45  5K    SWET                    41:42:00      Road                                Having people around to cheer you on
Russell, Krystle              30  5K    Running on Iced coffee  31:32:00      Road                                
The fun atmosphere
Ryan, Sharon                  54  5K    Awesome Weekday Walkers 43:45:00      Road                                The atmosphere
Ryan, Scott                   28  5K                            23:27         Road                                The distraction running with people b
Saldana, Venessa              39  5K                            36:35:00      Road                                Community and people with signs
Santasiere, Joe               53  5K                            34:41:00      Road                                Running with great people
Schnell(Feaman), Cindy        50  5K    The Workout Group       28:47:00      Pantano River Path                  Run faster with others, slow by mysel
Schowengerdt, Jennifer        44  5K                            28:04:00      Trail                               Doing it with everyone else!
Schowengerdt, Jennifer        44  5K                            28:04:00      Trail                               Doing it with everyone else!
Sementilli, Katherine         67  5K    SWET                    38:26:00      Rillito- North side of The Loop betwThe buzz and excitement
Senner, Michelle              43  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       31:49:00      Road                                Cow bells along the race and Post rac
Senner, Luke                  8   5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       31:48:00      Road                                My friends at Team Hoyt Arizona
Serra, Carrie                 42  5K                            23:07         The Loop                            The camaraderie
Serra, Marc                   39  5K                            44:43:00      Road                                Running with a big group motivates me
Serrano, Andrea               50  5K                            26:17:00      Road                                Community
Shaffer, Daniel               53  5K                            29:20:00      Road
Shannon, Monica               43  5K                            32:30:00      Road                                The excitement of crossing the finish
Sharp, Jeanne                 44  5K                            58:47:00      Road                                The camaraderie and energy of the par
Sheldon, Steve                55  5K                            26:25:00      Road                                I miss the energy I get from the live
Shelton, Beth                 45  5K                            44:40:00      Road
Shumway, James                66  5K                            36:18:00      Road                                Race excitement
Silverwind, Mary              61  5K                            47:16:00      Road                                Meeting all the people
Simpson, Penny                45  5K                            28:32:00      Road                                Having others to cheer on and to push
Sjoblom, Trisha               44  5K                            31:12:00      Treadmill                           Cheering each other on!
Skaggs, Jennifer              49  5K                            60:00:00      Trail                               I have never attended an in person ev
Slama, Jean                   67  5K    Meet me team            60:00:00      Trail                               the energy of the leaders and the cro
Smith, Trish                  57  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       34:20:00      Road                                People. High Fives.
Smith, Katie                  18  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       19:37         Road                                People
Smith, Joseph                 19  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       19:37         Road                                People
Smith, Joe                    58  5K    Team Hoyt Arizona       27:46:00      Road                                People
Smith, Joshua                 34  5K                            34:14:00      Road                                I miss running with everyone else and
Smith, Andrea                 43  5K                            33:35:00      Road                                Seeing friends
Smith, Jenna                  34  5K    The Fairy Dusters       31:00:00      Trail                               Running with markers and friendly fac
Smith, Christian              56  5K                            28:10:00      Trail                               The beautiful people, the community o
Smith, Alice                  43  5K                            45:00:00      Road                                The excitement
Sobbs, William                50  5K    Meet Me ATHLETES        26:26:00      Road                                Seeing friends and racing against oth
Sorensen, Amy                 47  5K                            55:13:00      Desert Sky Middle School / Purple HeSeeing friends, seeing everyone's fac
Sparkman, Julie               46  5K    Andrew Anderson         33:48:00      Road                                The porta-potties.
Spear, Eileen                 52  5K                            28:55:00      Road                                the fun of running with others and so
Spohn, Michelle               58  5K                            26:56:00      Road                                The people!
Steel, Calley                     5K                            33:45:00      Road                                The adrenaline that comes with runnin
Steenbergen, Elizabeth        38  5K                            29:43:00      Road                                People
Strohminger, Gretchen         45  5K                            43:20:00      Road                                The energy of people
Stubbs, Zachary               35  5K                            25:33:00      Road                                Competition
Sulzbach, Robert              44  5K                            48:44:00      Road
Swane, Brian                  33  5K                            22:30         Road                                The people!
Talattof, Kamran              66  5K    The Workout Group       22:29         Road                                The smiles
Tary, Julie                   57  5K                            43:18:00      Treadmill                           people and support
Thomas, Andy                  39  5K                            34:52:00      Reid park perimeter                 The people!
Thompson, Debrah              43  5K                            33:39:00      Treadmill                           The energy!
Timpf, Holly                  36  5K                            26:59:00      Trail                               The atmosphere of the event.
Titcomb, Allison              56  5K                            52:00:00      Road                                Cheering on others— seeing the multig
Tom, Tiffany                  35  5K    The Fairy Dusters       31:20:00      Reid Park                           Community
Torpey, Carole                76  5K                            50:00:00      Road                                Not being all together to enjoy the e
Tronsdal, Thomas              50  5K                            31:22:00      Road                                Excitement of race day
Truelsen, Mike                55  5K    CMTeam                  49:40:00      Trail                               Competing with other runners
Truelsen, Teresa              52  5K    CMTeam                  49:40:00      Trail                               The energy
Truong, Emily                 42  5K                            27:36:00      Road                                Hugs at the finish line
Tullgren, Ellie               3   5K    Team Hoyt               46:03:00      Road                                Our team
Turner, Marion                49  5K                            28:35:00      Trail                               Getting to meet new people.
Van Alsburg, Hilary               5K    CMTeam                                Trail                               The joy of cheering everyone on!
Van Buggenum, Lori            41  5K    The Workout Group       24:55:00      Road                                The wonderful group energy!
Van Derlaske, Barbara         66  5K                            33:37:00      Road                                The fun, encouragement and overall jo
VanDerlaske, Gerry            64  5K                            37:54:00      Road                                The excitement of the crowds and seei
VanLokeren, Bruce             59  5K                            35:01:00      Trail                               No one to compete with. Being with ot
Vargas, Frank                 65  5K                            49:58:00      Sabino Canyon
Ventura, Stephanie            28  5K                            48:45:00      Trail                               Running with the community
Vogelsberg, Caitlin           35  5K    The Workout Group       22:00         Road                                Cheering on my friends. And snacks!
Wacha, Sara                   29  5K                            31:01:00      Road                                The hype from the crowd that keeps pu
Wade Radcliff, Bridget        42  5K                            43:08:00      Road                                The energy!
Walker, Kent                  43  5K                            34:25:00      The Loop                            The sense of being part of the commun
Wallace, Kathryn              42  5K                            38:25:00      Road                                Just being surrounded by friends
Walsh, Michele                56  5K                            34:09:00      Road                                The energy of having folks around.
Wang, Le                      46  5K                            27:47:00      Road                                Everything! Other runners, the after-
Warner, Kari                  37  5K                            41:06:00      Road                                The encouragement of seeing others ar
Watkins, George               54  5K                            30:09:00      Road                                The people and the crowd and the exci
Weeks, Rikson                 7   5K    Team Hoyt               32:22:00      Road                                Seeing all my friends !
Weeks, Emily                  34  5K    Team Hoyt               32:22:00      Road                                Being motivated by all the other runn
Weeks, Coralyn                8   5K    Team Hoyt               33:00:00      Road
Wellborn, Jennifer            40  5K                            40:42:00      Road                                Seeing friends
Westenskow, Kimberly          37  5K                            33:34:00      Road                                Shared experience - but I did a Zoom
Whisman, Shelby               34  5K                            41:00:00      Road                                The energy!
Whitacre, Michele             65  5K    SWET                    43:58:00      Road                                THE CROWD
Wiesing, Alana                27  5K    Meet Me Athletes!       23:07         Treadmill                           The atmosphere and the finish line
Wilkening, Betsy              59  5K                            38:30:00      Dirt road and trail near my house   Not the heat, but the after party
Wilkinson, Joshua             39  5K                            34:55:00      Road                                Excitement
Williams, Kirsten             51  5K                            29:48:00      Road                                Crossing the finish line
Williams, Thomas              38  5K                            21:43         Road                                The communal celebration of participa
Williams, Debbie              56  5K                            60:22:00      Road                                Seeing People & Friends
Wilson, Sarah                 37  5K                            30:06:00      Road
Wilson, Danny                 35  5K                            39:24:00      Trail                               Getting hosed down during the run by
Wohl, Jacqueline              69  5K                            57:29:00      Trail                               All the brouhaha
Wolgemuth, Charles            46  5K    The Workout Group       21:00         Road                                having other people around to push me
Wong, Jessica                 32  5K                            49:05:00      Track                               The pleasure of being around other pe
Wong, Bobby                   39  5K                            48:54:00      Track                               Photo Ops
Yates, Paulette               29  5K                            25:05:00      5k course with WOG                  Accountability
Yates, Paulina                33  5K                            28:57:00      Road                                To share the satisfaction of completi
Zimmerman, Ross               67  5K                            213:45:00     Bulldozer road in the Redington PassTalking to friends
Ziolkowski, Diana             51  5K                            34:21:00      Road                                The support of the people who cheee i
zygmunt, dana                 39  5K                            34:32:00      Road                                hugging

Virtual 1 Mile Overall Results - Self Reported

Acedo, Ruth                   40  1 MileLadies at pcsd          9:40          Treadmill                           Running as a team
Alhaddad, Robin               44  1 Mile                        20:15         Road
Cromey, Mark                  29  1 MileTFD                     14:32         Looped around station and business 4Running with friends and family
hall, Jenny                   37  1 Mileteam hoyt arizona       28:47:00      Road                                everything
Johnson, Benjamin             43  1 Mile                        6:53          Road                                This was my first race, so I'm not su
May, Jenna                    33  1 MileLadies of PCSD          7:52          Road                                Camaraderie
Melendez, David               31  1 Mile                        5:58          Road
Scott, Mary                   43  1 MileLadies of PCSD          12:26         Track at Cross Middle School        The camaraderie with all of the parti
Alhaddad, Gavi                7   FitKidz                       20:15         Road
Buksh, Gabriel                12  FitKidMore than a crown       9:04          Trail
Chavez, Braden                10  FitKidz                       7:08          Trail
Chavez, Jace                  6   FitKidz                       9:30          Trail
Dujmic, Lana                  3   FitKidz                       23:44         Road                                Fitz the mascot
Dujmic, Nikolet               6   FitKidz                       14:12         Road                                The ribbons or metals at the finish l
Melendez, Alia                7   FitKidz                       7:58          Road
Melendez, Adrian              3   FitKidz                       18:00         Road
Prevenas, Lucy                2   FitKidz                       30:02:00      track
Prevenas, Andrew              4   FitKidz                       14:22         track

The Southern Arizona Roadrunners is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and fitness in Tucson and Southern Arizona through running and walking.

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