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Monday, November 2, 2020

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Half Marathon Self Reported Virtual Results

Results - TMC GMT VIRTUAL HALF Marathon - Self Reported
October, 2020

Last Name    First Name   Age   DistanceTime         Notes
Ackermann    Marti        51    1/2 M   2:12:34      I ran with ComeRun from the Lowe's parking lot to (almost) Irving
Alhaddad     Woody        48    1/2 M   2:29:01
Arendt       Bob          62    1/2 M   2:53:55      A-mountain and Santa Cruz River path. Saw some nice art features
Avila        Sergio       48    1/2 M   2:03:27      I saw 6 coyotes, 3 Cooper’s hawks, 2 roadrunners, 1 peregrine fal
Bartels      Jesse        24    1/2 M   1:36:08      West side of town
Baylor       Adam         32    1/2 M   2:22:58      Reid Park at night. Homeless people and sprinklers that were wate
Bienkowski   Marie        62    1/2 M   3:03:48      Ran up A Mountain. Saw some blue stuff on the rocks then later re
Brena        Andrew       31    1/2 M   2:45:46      Rillito River path... lots of birds and coyotes
BROWN        DENISE       46    1/2 M   3:11:08      Downtown Tucson and A mountain
Carroll      Michael      57    1/2 M   2:16:15      Eastside
Carroll      Michael      57    1/2 M   2:16:15      Eastside
Castro       Aida         46    1/2 M   2:14:09      Along the River path. Coyotes, rabbits, lizards, dogs, runners, b
Chico        Isaac        38    1/2 M   2:03:01      The Loop, from Christina Taylor Green Park to the Holiday Inn Exp
Chintankwa   Stanslous    29    1/2 M   1:22:56      Pantano path on the loop with ComeRun
Condren      Michelle     47    1/2 M   2:33:41      Rillito river park. We saw a coyote, quail, and rabbits.
Condren      Christopher  52    1/2 M   2:33:41      Rillito River Park
Corless      Heather      34    1/2 M   2:20:38      Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar; lots of stars since I ran at night
Cronin       Kelsea       26    1/2 M   2:11:00      Ran on the river path by the Mercado
D'Alonzo     Joan         61    1/2 M   1:59:15      Santa Cruz path From Avra Valley to Ina and back. Saw 2 rattlesna
Dasilva      Nicole       35    1/2 M   2:45:12      We did the original course with A mountain, except ran on 6th, ra
de Masi      Chloe        29    1/2 M   2:19:30      Marana on the loop. I saw a beautiful sunrise!
Delaney      Jesse        46    1/2 M   2:24:04      From Saguaro National east to Udall Park
Delgado      Jose         37    1/2 M   1:26:04      Ran out and back to the top of A Mountain with an awesome group o
DeVere       Shelley      45    1/2 M   2:36:21      Reid Park, lots of people with masks!
Diggs        TJ           42    1/2 M   1:55:35      Rancho Sahuarita. Sad run, pretty lonely. Not loving covid runs
Donovan      Melissa      47    1/2 M   2:32:08      Rillito path, Children's Park east and west. Someone playing the
Dujmic       Vera         37    1/2 M   3:14:39      Home, treadmill, “Borat Moviefilm”
Espindola    Melissa      27    1/2 M   2:17:11      The Rillito! Great view!
Foutch       Tyler        32    1/2 M   2:05:55      Sweetwater trailhead, A cholla said hello to my calf on mile 3 bu
Frontain     Maria        58    1/2 M   3:21         Ran my neighborhood and saw a few people to say hi to.
Gaidelis     Juris        66    1/2 M   2:04:52      Golden autumn, leaves and road underfoot ...
Germosen     Tenisha      32    1/2 M   2:19:42      I ran at Sweetwater preserve and saw some amazing sunrises
Glover       Tanya        69    1/2 M   2:50:36      I ran along the Santa Cruz River Path between Ina and Avra Valley
Golden       Pam          65    1/2 M   3:02:00      From our house to Tanque Verde Falls Trailhead on Redington Pass
Grigel       Eric         40    1/2 M   1:59:54      River Path (Rita Ranch to Craycroft). Say a pretty sunrise.
Grosh        Elisabeth    46    1/2 M   3:27:00      Sagauro National Park-East
Gutowski     Jennifer     45    1/2 M   3:02:00      A mountain!
Hansen       Ray          39    1/2 M   2:07:52      I ran along the Santa Cruz from Silverlake to Grant, going up and
Harrell      Amanda       46    1/2 M   2:57:55      Started at Christopher Columbus Park, ran 2 miles in the park, th
Hartfield    Kyle         34    1/2 M   1:38:40      On the loop going north from Christian Green Park. I saw a large
Heras        Alberto      27    1/2 M   2:06:08      Rillito River People riding bikes
Herrick      John         43    1/2 M   3:27:00      Saguaro East Trail, beautiful weather and scenery
Herrick      John         43    1/2 M   3:27:00      Saguaro East Trail, beautiful weather and scenery
Herrick      John         43    1/2 M   3:27:00      Saguaro East Trail, beautiful weather and scenery
Hertzog      John         44    1/2 M   2:30:20      Pima & Swan to Campbell & the loop, followed the loop to Columbus
HORNER       EMILY        40    1/2 M   2:24:08      Beautiful Mountain View’s on the Loop
Horner       Bobby        47    1/2 M   2:31:02      Sunrise and coyotes howling out on the east side
Hunter       Scott        53    1/2 M   2:51:13      The Loop
Jarvis       Thomas (Chip)60    1/2 M   2:34:16      Bear Canyon Rd, and surrounding neighborhoods. Saw a runner frien
Jennings     Don          48    1/2 M   1:24:13      Out and back on Santa Cruz River Path for 9 miles.
Klopp        Tracy        43    1/2 M   3:02:05      Started at Udall and headed south on the Loop.
Kurowski     Catherine    66    1/2 M   3:12:47      Rita Ranch
Layman       Tamaki       42    1/2 M   2:03:20      River path from Mercado, we saw a few friends running and a big b
Lesser       Karen        58    1/2 M   2:12:52      Water running in the Santa Cruz
Lipowich     Shelley Ann  81    1/2 M   2:25:00      I ran on my street...saw 4 Javalina crossing the road, a family o
Lukasewicz   Justin       37    1/2 M   1:53:23      I ran on the loop and I went further from my house then I ever we
Marisal      Nicole       49    1/2 M   2:00:13      I ran from one end of Douglas, AZ to the other all the while enjo
Martin       Anna         30    1/2 M   3:02:29      The first 10 miles were at Tucson Mountain Park, and then I finis
McConnell    Natalie      44    1/2 M   2:42:33      A mountain.
Mcginn       Sarah        40    1/2 M   2:07:59      Around oro valley, saw a lovely sunset
Medina       Annemarie    62    1/2 M   3:06:53      Rillito River path starting at St Phillips Plaza, coyote, hawk an
Mellady      Mary         50    1/2 M   2:17:00      I ran from home to work which took me from the Foothills Mall to
Mendoza      Danielle           1/2 M   3:21:44      Downtown and A mountain
Michelson    Marty        74    1/2 M   3:12:05      Rio Vista Park in Peoria AZ. Bikes, Bikes, and more bikes
Monson       Ander        45    1/2 M   2:11:33      the loop and the trails east of it
Mott         Russell      67    1/2 M   2:20:00      Walked around our yard& neighborhood; had to walk slowly with my
Moynihan     Debbie       64    1/2 M   3:36:00      From our house along Tanque Verde and Lower Sabino Creeks.
Moynihan     Michael      67    1/2 M   3:36:00      From our house along Tanque Verde and Lower Sabino Creeks.
Moynihan     Michael      67    1/2 M   3:36:00      From our house along Tanque Verde and Lower Sabino Creeks.
Mueller      Barbara      42    1/2 M   3:02:04      Near Civano. I saw a lot of wildlife including a pair of hawks.
Nong         Schwartz     46    1/2 M   2:58:12      Downtown -Sentinel Peak (A mountain) I saw steet arts, mural pain
Olegario     Marissa      29    1/2 M   2:15:56      Did a Reid Park, Maynard's, A Mountain, Loop combination route. S
Pattison     Georgia      29    1/2 M   2:00:54
Payan        Aley         35    1/2 M   2:39:01      Gorgeous Fort Huachuca scenery and wild life!
Payan        Arturo       36    1/2 M   1:56:07      Fort Huachuca
Perez        Jesus        37    1/2 M   2:39:40
Ralyea       Chris        41    1/2 M   1:59:23      On the Loop, looking at my Team Hoyt athlete friend in front of m
Rhoades      Mary         63    1/2 M   3:09:31      I ran on The Loop. Beautiful trail. Very well maintained and I sa
Ritz         Patricia     41    1/2 M   2:14:48      Reid park, the sunrise
Rupp         Tracy        36    1/2 M   2:42:54      Downtown to UofA to A mountain to Santa Cruz River Path back to D
Sandberg     Michelle     45    1/2 M   2:14:48      Reid park at sunrise
Sandberg     Michelle     45    1/2 M   2:14:48      Reid park at sunrise
Schnell      Cindy        50    1/2 M   2:16:02      Pantano River path. Saw S Felde biking x3. Craig Dabler x2 and Co
Schnell      Cindy        50    1/2 M   2:16:02      Pantano River path. Saw S Felde biking x3. Craig Dabler x2 and Co
Schnell      Cindy        50    1/2 M   2:16:02      Pantano River path. Saw S Felde biking x3. Craig Dabler x2 and Co
Scott        Isabelle     19    1/2 M   1:59:58      Ran around UofA's campus, and finished my half marathon just in t
Seipel       Teri         58    1/2 M   4:00:00      Riverside, California, and ran my usual route with my Husky and F
Serrano      Andrea       51    1/2 M   2:15:55      Downtown/A Mountain/ The Loop
Shaffer      Dan          54    1/2 M   3:30:00      Oro Valley - Clouds!
Sheldon      Steve        55    1/2 M   3:11:05      I ran at Catalina State Park. I love the scenery and just enjoyed
Shinn        Jessie       49    1/2 M   2:25:04      On the loop, along the Rillito and Santa Cruz. I saw some sweet c
Shumway      James        67    1/2 M   3:12:47      The streets of Rita Ranch
Sjoblom      Trisha       45    1/2 M   2:26:12      Neighborhood - 3 roadrunners and lots of fun Halloween decoration
Sjoblom      Trisha       45    1/2 M   2:26:12      Neighborhood - 3 roadrunners and lots of fun Halloween decoration
Smith        Joshua       34    1/2 M   3:03:36      White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX. It was beautiful, the sun rise ill
Smith        Andrea       43    1/2 M   2:34:37
Smith        Alice        43    1/2 M   2:04:32      Along bike path from Chicano to Chick-fil-A on Tanque Verde. Saw
Sparkman     Julie        47    1/2 M   2:36:21      Reid Park, lots of dogs!
Stubbs       Zachary      36    1/2 M   2:08:01      Down the loop north from grant. Saw Some homeless guys and a coyo
Sweeney      Linnley      31    1/2 M   1:56:02      South Salt Lake City, Utah: Lots of awesome birds
Talattof     Kamran       66    1/2 M   1:49:50      The Loop and many walkers and bicycle riders.
Tary         Julie        57    1/2 M   3:21:44      Downtown and A mountain
Thomas       Andy         40    1/2 M   3:19:54      San Diego! Beach running is not as easy as you see in the movies.
Thomas       Eric         28    1/2 M   3:15:38      Oceanside, CA. Lots of ocean and the beach.
Tom          Tiffany      35    1/2 M   2:06:59      Santa Cruz river path and A Mountain - I saw the sunrise, cottont
Torgerson    Susy         68.5  1/2 M   2:20:00      Broke my foot& wearing a “boot”; walked around my yard& neighborh
Truong       Emily        42    1/2 M   2:51:58      Saguaro East - a red tailed hawk
Truxillo     Sarah        43    1/2 M   1:55:13      Ran from my house up A mountain and back, it was 13.17
VanLokeren   Bruce        60    1/2 M   2:21:10      Santa Cruz River Park. Didn't see much because it was dark.
Wang         Le           46    1/2 M   2:15:10      Around my neighborhood
Weeks        Rikson       7     1/2 M   1:59:13      On the loop , I saw other awesome team hoyt runners
Wiesing      Alana        27    1/2 M   1:47:00      I ran on the treadmill at my gym, so, unfortunately, I didn't get
Wilson       Ryan         40    1/2 M   2:02:39      Fort Huachuca
Wilson       Danny        35    1/2 M   3:22:41      The Grand Canal in Phoenix. A maintenance worker saw me early in
Yates        Paulina      34    1/2 M   2:20:24      Rillito river start at craycroft. I saw a snake and an eagle.
Yates        Paulette     30    1/2 M   2:02:41      ComeRun Saturday Group at Speedway and Kolb; Marti and I wore the
Youmans      Adele        67    1/2 M   2:13:00      NE Tucson: Conestoga, Tanque Verde, Bear Canyonn, Snyder, Harriso
Zimmerman    Ross         67    1/2 M   2:46:39      I used my fat bike to catch my wife who started earlier on foot.

5k Virtual and Self-Reported Results

Results - TMC GMT VIRTUAL 5k - Self Reported
October, 2020

Last Name    First Name   Age   DistanceTime         Notes
Abbot        David              5K      0:23:48
Ball         Autumn       41    5K      0:39:17      Downtown! Saw many others running their race also!
Bauman       Chastity           5K      0:34:10      Lincoln Park. I saw mountains, trees, playing fields, and people.
Baylor       Jedidiah     38    5K      0:29:19      Bear Canyon/ Bear Canyon Hills
Begley       Valerie      72    5K      0:43:20      Neighborhood - people walking their dogs
Bergner      Lina         40    5K      0:48:32      Rillito, saw some cute dogs
Black        Debbie       57    5K      0:49:26      I ran on at Randolph Park and I saw bats!
Brauchla     Gary         76    5K      0:42:26      Cochise County
Castillo     Christi      36    5K      0:30:35      Red Rock and a lot of fun Halloween decorations!
Cope         Thom         72    5K      0:56:26      Around the Sunflower Community. I saw a lot of neighbors!
Creasy       Kelly        42    5K      0:32:18      Ran in my neighborhood and saw the sun rise
Dantzler     Elesia       55    5K      0:29:55      Pantano pavement and trees
Delaney      Zachary      39    5K      0:35:41
Deloria      Laura        41    5K      0:27:58      Around my neighborhood in Rancho Sahuarita... saw lots of creepy
Dunlop       Tiffany      54    5K      0:43:48      My neighborhood and an amazing sunrise
Eggebeen     Rachael      39    5K      1:00:38      My eastside neighborhood with my 5 year old daughter- rain clouds
Estrada      Jennifer     44    5K      0:46:00      My beautiful corona de Tucson neighborhood
Evenson      Andrea       41    5K      0:58:24      Walked the River Path North Oracle and saw my best friend
Felde        Sheryl       60    5K      0:35:07      Ran through some neighborhoods, through a park, through some trai
FitzPatrick  Ryan         35    5k      0:31:29      Around my block, from which I can see an incredible mountain view
Foust        Suzanne      54    5K      0:58:01      The loop around Reid Park and my friends
Fuller       Heather      44    5K      1:00:00      we walked around my neighborhood and enjoyed all the homes' hallo
Garcia       Irene        64    5K      0:58:00      We walked downtown to uofA we did see all the buildings going up.
Garcia       Caroline     59    5K      0:33:15      La Canada - beautiful sunrise
Gardiner     Caroline     61    5K      0:47:35      I walked at Sabino Canyon
Gary         Claudia      78    5K      1:22:24      Menlo Park neighborhood & Santa Cruz loop- met Megan, a new neigh
Gilbert      Alicia       46    5K      0:36:42      On a treadmill, looking outside.
Graham       McKenna      26    5K      0:30:42      River path
Green        Lori         56    5K      0:43:15      Christina Taylor Green Park - saw the TMC Get Moving Sign!
Hansen       Roxann       52    5K      0:30:27      Treadmill at the gym. Saw lots of sweaty people in face masks!
Hanson       Stephanie    32    5K      0:39:58      The Rillito loop and a beautiful sunrise
Harelson     Glen         73    5K      0:32:34      Start Loop Midway between Swan and Craycroft Finish Green Things
Harpainter   Kathryn      32    5K      0:54:37      I walked/ran along Tangerine rd and the Skypark. I saw a Cactus W
Hattan       Dave         67    5K      31:00.0      Lincoln Nebraska, UNL Campus
Hester       Shirley      77    5K      1:04:20      Cloud Road
Hostetler    Junie        69    5K      0:34:52      I ran north of UArizona in neighborhoods. I love seeing the diffe
Howard       Jessica      24    5K      45:51.0      Around my neighborhood, I saw cute javalina yard ornaments
Hull         Carmen       62    5K      0:29:08      Along Santa Cruz River.
Jansmann     Christopher  48    5K      0:31:14      Green Valley, and I saw a deer!
Jansmann     Paula        67    5K      0:46:22      Green Valley
Jones        Catherine    46    5K      1:26         I walked/ran with our dogs in our neighborhood
Kanae        Moanikeala   33    5K      0:42:20      A Mountain! Amazing views!
Kanary       Nicole       38    5K      0:38:34      Star Valley, we saw the Drexel Hights Fire truck.
Kanary       Devyn        8     5K      0:38:34      Star Valley, I waved to the Drexel Hights firetruck in the statio
King         Denise       48    5K      0:37:48      Oro Valley and I saw a coyote!
King         Lucas        13    5K      0:37:48      Oro Valley and I saw a lot of bike riders
Knittel      Cassidy      19    5K      1:10:00      Around the UA campus; I saw a bunch of dogs
Knowlton     cindy        56    5K      0:40:50      The Loop, started at Michael Perry Park and saw rain
Kozachik     Ann          64    5K      0:44:05      I ran in Catalina Vista Neighborhood between Grant and Speedway,
Kuhns        Nichole      47    5K      0:42:15      I ran along the riverwalk near Craycroft and saw three huge white
Lawrence     Mary         65    5K      1:03:48      River by water!
Levengood    Briana       15    5K      21:14        I ran at Marana High School in an invitational.
lipsy        robert       68    5K      0:56:34      Udall Center on the "track" lots of dogs
Lopez        Connie       70    5K      0:44:57      A loop at Pascua Yaqui.
Lopez        David Mario  62    5K      32.01        Mountains Trees and Rocks
Maestas      Tammy        46    5K      1:00:44      I walked Sabino Canyon. Beautiful mountains
Maslyn       Kelle        53    5K      43:00:00     Ran from Christina Taylor Green and saw many friendly people!!

Mathewson    Amber        55    5K      0:47:00      my neighborhood, beautiful clouds today!
McDonough    Eva          54    5K      55:42:00     I ran in Old Spanish Trail Area. I saw my friend Andrea walking/r
McMahon      Darby        42    5K      48.29        Sabino canyon tram road! Saw That cool guy that tells jokes??
McNey        Eric         43    5K      0:32:00      Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA...saw lots of folks out getti
Meuschke     Billie       48    5K      1:00:00      McCall Idaho. It was 26 degrees at 1 in the afternoon so I saw sn
Minks        Joyce        78    5K      0:48:00      Ran in Sun City Oro Valley with beautiful views of the Catalina M
Mullin       Dan          64    5K      0:29:46      Saddlebrooke-Rolling Hills to Ridgeview Blvd to Rock Crest to Roc
Nelson       Carrie       31    5K      0:39:27      On the Santa Cruz River path and I saw lots of other runners!
Nez          Ariah        2     5K      0:36:24      The loop
Nido         Clarisa      41    5K      0:27:34      I ran on the Greasewood Path and I saw over a dozen painted motiv
Nordmeyer    Jan          67    5K      50:07:00     Ran around my neighborhood, I saw lots of Halloween decorations!
Nou          Elizabeth    19    5K      1:10:00      Around the UA campus
Novak        Natashia     33    5K      0:38:47      Payson, Arizona along Rim trail
Novak        Walter       34    5K      0:44:10      Payson, Arizona
Parvin       Alisha       40    5K      48.29        Sabino canyon. Saw some old friends!
Place        Janet        82    5K      0:46:02      Dove Mountain trail along Tangerine Road; we saw lots of politica
Place-Hoskie Daphne       47    5K      0:51:43      Dove Mountain trail along Tangerine Road; saw a beautiful sunrise
Prevenas     Kelly        36    5K      0:31:21
Prevenas     Nick         38    5K      0:24:38      I ran around my neighborhood and saw a terrific sunrise.
Prewitt      Katherine    44    5K      0:35:00      Tucson Mountain Park, witness to desert beauty!
Ramsey       Amy          43    5K      0:27:05      The Loop - lots of dogs!
Rico Uhrig   Janet        42    5K      0:46:35      Greasewood anklam area
Rios         Rosemary     8     5K      0:32:21      We ran in Amado AZ. We saw the sun rise.
Rios         Ruben        43    5K      0:32:22      Amado AZ lots of cyclist.
Robles       Pete         58    5K      0:53:35      The Loop. I saw lots of people biking, running and walking.
Rodriguez    Amanda       43    5K      0:34:10      Lincoln park. I saw desert and fields
Rodriguez    Sergio       46    5K      0:34:10      Mountains and cactus
Rodriguez    Sergio       46    5K      0:34:10      Mountains and cactus
Roper        Ana          30    5K      0:42:13
Rosen        Neil         67    5K      0:35:54      Streets around my house.
Ryan         Sharon       55    5K      0:45:35      Ocotillo Ranches. Saw lots of cactus and animal tracks.
Senner       Michelle     43    5K      0:30:37      Catalina Foothills High School track... we saw sprinklers waterin
Senner       Luke         8     5K      0:30:36      Catalina Foothills High School track - We had the track all to ou
Sharp        Jeanne       44    5K      1:04:39      Walked through my neighborhood with my fiancé and planned a route
Shelton      Beth         45    5K      0:57:19
Smith        Joe          59    5K      0:46:50      Neighborhood. My wife.
Smith        Katie        19    5K      0:46:50      Neighborhood. My Dad.
Spear        Eileen       52    5K      0:30:29      Starr pass and a beautiful sunrise
Spencer      Barry        58    5K      0:27:05      Rillito River Path
Spohn        Michelle     59    5K      0:27:11      I ran in my neighborhood very early this morning. It was dark so
Stormont     Daniel       59    5K      0:36:54      I ran my training route in my neighborhood and I got rained on a
Titcomb      Allison      57    5K      1:01:00      Trails in Greasewood Park and PCC West— a fantastic sunrise, coyo
Torpey       Carole       77    5K      49.02        My neighborhood
Tronsdal     Thomas       51    5K      0:30:56      Mountain Avenue. Not much- it was really dark!
Van Derlaske Gerry        65    5K      0:35:27      Continental Reserve Loop Neighborhoods, lots of other runners out
Van Derlaske Barbara      66    5K      0:31:09      Ran the Continental Reserve Loop and Silverbell. I saw lottsa hap
Warner       Kari         37    5K      0:42:06      We (I had my kids in the stroller) ran around our neighborhood an
Weeks        Coralyn      8     5K      0:36:27      The loop
Westenskow   Kimberly     36    5K      0:34:29      Jefferson Park Neighborhood - Not pleasant but I passed a dead ca
Whitacre     Michele      65    5K      0:43:12      Ranch Vistoso area; beautiful sunrise clouds
Wilson       Yvonne       44    5K      0:34:44      In my Civano neighborhood; saw rain!
Wong         Jessica      32    5K      1:12
Wong         Bobby        39    5K      1:12
Yahya        Seif         21    5K      0:24:21      Reid park(3 labs around Golf park and 2 labs around the park) I s

Wilson       Benjamin     12    1 mile  10:30        In Civao neighborhood with my mom, Yvonne; saw javelina poo!

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